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Truly independent and run with passion, TechQuartier serves as a creative arena and melting pot for entrepreneurs and innovators from the financial industry and beyond. Our vision is a world where we use collaboration to transform it. Our mission is to create that world by reinventing the collaboration habit & mindset of the broader economy.












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Collaborative innovation is at the heart of what we do. By connecting stakeholders who are striving to disrupt old ways of thinking and doing business, TQ lays the groundwork for fresh ideas to emerge. Through our various programs, we offer participants a platform to not only trade ideas and experiment with technology but also to develop new business models and produce impactful innovations.

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Latest News

TechObserver is now live

A community platform that would be both data-oriented and story-driven, that is the idea behind TechObserver. While a full launch is planned for June 12th, you can get a glimpse into one of our dearest projects at the moment.

Release of the Frankfurt Startup Ecosystem Report

Universities and corporations hold key levers in driving Frankfurt from a startup to a scaleup ecosystem

Press release : Launch of GreenTech Hub, in partnership with Finance in Motion

The GreenTech Hub is a center dedicated to new enterprises catering to green technology, clean energy, green finance, sustainable production, development and distribution industries.


TQ unites prominent partners from industry, academia and government aiming to disrupt the status quo and pioneer innovative solutions.