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Growth Alliance AgriFood Startup Bootcamp



Franzi Jost
The sixth Growth Alliance Startup Bootcamp is coming – and you want to join? Learn more about the experiences of former participants over the past years here.

Jacob Bussmann, CEO at SeedForward, enjoyed his Bootcamp experience. Looking back, he says:

Rentenbank’s Growth Alliance was very valuable for us! In particular, the sparring with mentors and representatives of potential customers was very enriching for us. Thanks to this event, we were able to further expand our network and have been able to establish some long-term business relationships as well as contacts with other startups. We can recommend this event!

This year, Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank and TechQuartier invite you again to join one of the most prominent initiatives to support Germany’s fledgling AgTech, FoodTech and Bioeconomy Startups! The Growth Alliance Bootcamp will take place on July 3-5 on-site at TechQuartier in Frankfurt and accepts applications until June 1, 2023. At the Demo Day at end of the Bootcamp (July 6) the best startups get the chance to pitch publicly at the Growth Alliance Networking Summit - GANS.


Constellr participated in the Growth Alliance Bootcamp 2021. Today, Christian Mittermaier and his team develop the world's most accurate thermal monitoring data for agriculture in response to population growth, climate change and food security. This year, constellr received the Digital Hub Initiative's Newcomer Award in the presence of Hesse's Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir and Germany's Minister of Economics and Climate Protection Robert Habeck. Moreover the startup received a seed funding of $10M.

Christian Mittermaier at the De:hub Pitch Night in Frankfurt


Organifarms won the Bootcamp in 2021. The startup automates complex processes in indoor farming systems to make them profitable for the cultivation of fruit & vegetables. To meet their customers needs, they adjust their technology to the crop types and functions they require.

Dominik Feiden (CEO and Co-Founder) and Hannah Brown (CCO and Co-Founder) at Organifarms

At the Bootcamp, we were able to connect with key industry players and received information on relevant funding opportunities that enabled us to secure our funding for the next year.

In 2020, the startup Spoontainable won the Bootcamp. Spoontainable developed something sustainable and crispy: the Spoonie – an edible spoon, that is created out of shells from the cocoa and cereal industry. Recently, the Spoonie also has a new family member: the Twirly – an edible stirrer for your cappuccino, tea or coffee to go.

In the video, Julia Piechotta, Founder, CMO & CFO at Spoontaible, tells you about her valuable experience she made at the Bootcamp in 2020.


Another startup that participated in the program and is still supported by Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank is SEAWATER Cubes. The vision of the three founders is to establish a decentralized supply of fresh sea fish. To create a sustainable alternative for future fish supply, they have developed the SEAWATER Cube.

In the picture: Carolin Ackermann, CEO & Co-Founder of SEAWATER Cubes and Jacob Bussmann, CEO Seed Forward

We participated in Rentenbank’s AgTech & FoodTech Startup Bootcamp shortly after founding SEAWATER Cubes. The participation helped us to exchange ideas with like-minded people at an early stage and to build a network to other AgriFood Startups. We learned a lot in the pitch training and the Demo Day on the big stage in front of investors was an exciting experience. We highly recommend every startup in the industry to attend! There is no other comparable event for the AgriFood sector.

André Dülks, CEO and Managing Director at Feldklasse took part at the Bootcamp in 2018 and still benefits from his participation: “We got a lot out of the Bootcamp in 2018! Thanks to training and networking, we were able to successfully close a funding round a few months later. We learned for the first time about the funding program that is currently co-funding our product development and I met other founders that I am still friends with today. Become part of our family startup community!”

André Dülks, CEO and Managing Director at Feldklasse

About the Growth Alliance Bootcamp

The focus of the three-day Bootcamp is the advancement of innovative startups along the whole agricultural and food value chain. The program gives selected startups a platform to discuss their business model with industry representatives, investors and experienced company founders. Startups will also expand their network and personal skills in the process.

Over the last six years, this collaboration has helped support 60 German startups to gain access to a networking system and possible funding partners. Learn more about the program and find out why you should apply. If you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll this years Bootcamp, click below!