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Dr. Sebastian Schäfer
Dr. Sebastian SchäferManaging Director
Dr. Peter Neu
Dr. Peter Neu Managing Director
Lucas Schmitt
Lucas SchmittCOO - Innovation Products
Alice Rettig
Alice RettigChief of Staff - HR & Recruiting
Simran Rohra
Simran Rohra Innovation Products & Community
Patrice Pogorelik
Patrice PogorelikInnovation Products
Svitlana Shatalova
Svitlana ShatalovaHead of Finance
Florian Schreiber
Florian Schreiber Partner Relationships
Sarah Gronwald
Sarah GronwaldHead of Community
Maja Sen-Gupta
Maja Sen-GuptaInnovation Products - Marketing
Paula Landes
Paula LandessafeFBDC - Marketing & Communications
Dominik Zborek
Dominik ZborekStrategy & Projects
Yana Sulman
Yana SulmanFinance
Marlon Wunsch
Marlon Wunsch Head of Operations & Space
Alise Munson
Alise MunsonDirector - Marketing & Communications
Melanie Strack
Melanie StrackEvents & Space
Christian Kühl
Christian Kühl Partner Relationships
Melanie Schöyen
Melanie SchöyenCommunity - Ecosystem
Vincent Steiner
Vincent SteinerInnovation Products
Alessandra Schuhmann
Alessandra SchuhmannCommunity - Marketing
Cristian Frigo
Cristian Frigo Innovation Products
Julie Grosson
Julie GrossonCommunity
Tim Kaltwasser
Tim KaltwasserInnovation Products
Joshua Marquez
Joshua MarquezMarketing - Content Creator
Trupti Carny
Trupti CarnysafeFBDC - Project Manager
Thom Schoneveld
Thom SchoneveldInnovation Products
Rina Hajzeraj
Rina HajzerajFinance
Sabrina Borner
Sabrina BornerInnovation Products

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