Timo Straten is one of the co-founders of Liberbyte.

An unbelievable offer: Startup Liberbyte’s co-founder joined German Vice-Chancellor Habeck on a trip of a lifetime




Alessandra Schuhmann


All six days on site were intensive and strictly planned - Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Manaus and Bogota, four cities, two countries, hours on the road and little sleep.

As a participating startup, Timo shared his insights on the startup scene in Frankfurt, but the urban Rhine-Main metropolis seems distant when standing in the middle of the rainforest. One of the trip’s highlights for Timo was the Museu da Amazonia (MUSA for short). "It's admirable, the work people do here to preserve the rainforest," says Liberbyte's CEO.

One of the most exciting weeks of this year began for Timo Straten, Co-Founder of Liberbyte, with a small post from our Community Manager Julie Grosson on Slack.

The unbelievable offer: a six-day trip to Brazil and Colombia, together with Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Economics Dr. Robert Habeck and the opportunity to make valuable contacts and present his startup in the best possible way.

Timo did not think twice and applied with his startup for the participation. His company vision exactly matches the requirements of an innovative and sustainable data management system.

"Unlock the value from your data"

How this works precisely, was what Timo wanted to present on an international stage. The full value creation of data is what Liberbyte is addressing with different subject matter Data-as-a-Service platforms. This works via a specially created core platform, which uses an open communication protocol as a data management system and architecture for its foundation. It enables exchanging and monetizing data between platforms and assuring their quality.

The focus of the trip was on the "", which could easily be adapted to South American or other global sustainability standards. The platform enables organizations to manage, report and monetize their sustainability data and requirements and breaks the data silos.

"The subsequent reporting is the easiest part," says Timo with a wink, “important is to ensure the data quality and match the data again the right sustainability requirements”.

"The point is to make data points equally accessible, since isolation leads to errors and thus to high governance costs," Timo explains. In the EU, federation-driven sustainability reporting was growing in the last years and is far better known than in the two South American countries. In an exchange with the German Vice Chancellor, he also confirmed Liberbyte's approach.

But the use case of the "", for sharing city-related data also met with approval. The second platform by Liberbyte is addressing the datafication of cities and enables them to manage and monetize their data.

The conclusion of the trip is positive

"I don't know how yet, but I think I will meet Dr. Habeck again." 

When asked if he will take the next trip to Vietnam, which TechQuartier will report on, he just grins. Now it's time to expand and deepen (inter)national contacts.

Liberbyte was founded by Timo Straten and Tero Salomaa in 2021, and now the company has five employees. The special thing about Liberbyte is the changeability and thus the different use cases that the company serves.

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