ÄpplerTime - F*ck-Up Edition


29 May



Platz der Einheit 2
60327 Frankfurt a.M.

Äppler Time is back! This time we are going deep into the pain and learning of our mistakes with Dr. Yassin Hankir. Luckily, we have pizza, Äppler and the company of other founders to soothe us. 

The Speaker: Dr. Hankir is a prominent person in the cryptocurrency world as the founder and CEO of Frankfurt-based savedroid, a successful crypto-based FinTech founded in 2015. However, Yassin is also known for a “pr stunt” that backfired in 2018 when he pretended to have fled abroad with some 40 million Euro from more than 35.000 ICO participants. The act was supposed to draw attention to trust and fraud issues within the crypto space, but it resulted in an explosion on Twitter (now X) and coverage by international media outlets. Was it worth it?

Yassin is Crypto and FinTech entrepreneur and enthusiast by heart. He is Founder and CEO of Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AGsavedroid AGsavedroid FL GmbH, Co-Host of the Frankfurt FinTech Meetup and co-founded vaamo, one of the very first robo-advisors in German. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Yassin worked as strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company, Inc. During his consulting career his focus was on retail and private banking, especially growth strategies, product development and implementation, as well as marketing and distribution in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Yassin holds a master in Economics and a Ph.D. in Finance of Goethe-University Frankfurt.