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Do you want to provide visibility for your startup, and get your solution in front of potential corporate partners? Do you want to get a foothold in one of the fastest-growing tech communities in Europe, in the middle of its financial heart?

This free membership to TechQuartier provides exactly this. Apply now to join TQ and get access to the network and its numerous opportunities.

Make sure your startup gets found by corporates looking to innovate.

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Virtual Membership Benefits

Corporate Matching

The core benefit of the Virtual Membership. Our startups are referenced in a database accessible to all of TQ’s corporate network. On the basis of those companies’ technology needs and pain points, startups are regularly introduced and matched by the TQ matching team.


TQ is a stage for you to shine. We provide our members with multiple opportunities to showcase their brand, whether it’s on our website directory, on social media or on stage at TQ events.

Access to a curated global community

It’s all about who you know. As TechQuartier keeps growing, so does the number of key contacts one can make. But that growth needs to be synonymous with quality, which is why our team diligently evaluates potential members on the basis of their community fit.

Newsletter & Perks

Start receiving our internal newsletter and get notified about exclusive opportunities, including perks from our technology partners and access to member-only events.

And the best of it all: it's free! Only one thing left to do. Apply below :)

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Selection criteria

  • Tech companies with innovative product or service
  • 5 years or less
  • MVP, Team and Business Plan are ready
  • Incorporated
  • Proactive, community-driven mindset
  • No consulting firms, marketing agencies and freelancers
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Our Team

The TQ Team is there to make sure your journey is a success. We do this by understanding your business model, strategy and technology, and identifying the relevant opportunities for you.

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