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As a community, we are always seeking to welcome the public into our space through our creative events. We want to encourage you to grow and innovate together, building powerful connections. We carefully design and curate our event calendar in order to provide our audience with the best possible content.

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Our streaming options

You know us – we are TechQuartier! That’s why we are able to offer you more flexibility when hosting events. We are able to livestream your event from the comfort of your own home or provide space and equipment in the TQ headquarters for you to stream from our offices. Share your knowledge, engage with your audience, and provide quality content in a virtual event with TechQuartier.

Livestreaming at home

>>A livestream where EVERYONE can stay at home<<

– Product presentations, press conferences or webinars: Whether you want to show just one person or even entire panel discussions with up to eight people at the same time – with our partner Eventsonline we support you with the implementation of your individual and professional virtual event.

– Send your event as a livestream from your home office without a studio.

– The streaming provider uses instead of his cameras, the webcams of the speaker and participants who should be integrate into the event. Everyone has the necessary equipment at home: laptop or smartphone and a lamp.

Livestreaming in a studio

>> We provide you our event venue as your livestream studio! <<

You can fill the venue with the audience and have a stream for virtual viewers or use the venue as a real studio. Only the speakers are on site and all viewers can participate online via the stream. Questions can be asked via the chat or directly to the speakers.

Go big or go home: Live stream your Event!

>> Want a larger audience? Livestreaming your event on social media will dramatically increase your reach! <<

Whether it is a press conference, congress or product presentation, livestreaming is so popular, that it is now considered a common
courtesy. Customers, colleagues and interested parties can all engage with your content in real time via their smartphones, laptops or tablets.
Live streams can be easily integrated into your social platforms, enabling you to reach an even wider audience.

  • Live streaming up to four hours to the TechQuartier YouTube channel
  • Assembling and dismantling of equipment
  • TQ lower thirds and general TQ graphics set
  • Embeddable player – unlimited number of viewers
  • Up to 4 microphones (1 headset, 3 handsets) on stage, and sound from PC
  • Live editing and camera operation
  • Monitoring livestream
  • Equipment rental
  • other additional features

Looking for a place to host your event in the midst of Frankfurt’s vibrant startup- and tech-scene? Let’s talk, if you’re interested in:

Hosting your internal innovation workshops, off sites or coaching sessions

Creating events like hackathons, challenges, meetups, summits, product launches or networking parties

Connecting with startups, innovative firms and other members of the tech scene

We would like to co-host your event at TQ. Share your ideas with us!


Our Project Lab “Hammermann” is the perfect place to trade ideas and experiment with future technology and business models. Equipped with multimedia, creative materials, a kitchenette and even a nap corner and a kicker, it creates a truly inspiring atmosphere for your workshops, coaching & product tests.


Waldstadion is the perfect location for demo days, summits, pitches, meetups, networking events & parties. Our beautifully designed event space is equipped with multimedia and includes our unique “bembel bar”. The space can host up to 250 people, providing the perfect space to chat, drink and network.


Bootsbar is ideal for smaller groups of up to 40 people to network or listen to presentations. The beautiful aesthetic along with the special atmosphere make this spot an insider tip.

TechQuartier Event Space
TechQuartier Event Space
TechQuartier Event Space
TechQuartier Event Space
TechQuartier Event Space
TechQuartier Event Space
TechQuartier Event Space
TechQuartier Event Space

Like what you see? Make TQ your event space!

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