The goal of safeFBDC is to develop, test and evaluate infrastructures and organizational concepts for the provision and secure exchange of data across financial institutions and third parties, whereby the sovereignty of the data owner has the highest priority. Building on this, the project partners develop AI-supported applications for leveraging and monetizing distributed data sets, e.g., for applications such as anti-money laundering or the detection of market manipulation. We ensure the compatibility of our solutions with the requirements of the market and with important data structures that are currently under development, such as Gaia-X or the International Data Spaces Association.  

Due to the novelty and importance of the research subject, safeFBDC won an innovation competition of the federal ministry of economics in 2021. As a result, the project is publicly funded for a duration of three years (2021 – 2023). Involved are ten partners, three institutional partners (the State of Hessen, Deutsche Bundesbank and Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster) and the ecosystem is open for associated partners, of which there are currently over twenty. 

TechQuartier is the consortium leader of the safeFBDC project and developed the project from the beginning: we connected the right partners from our community – from established corporates to universities and innovative start-ups. In the ongoing research, we are responsible for the overall project management, and the community building around the project and also participate in the ongoing research use cases.

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