TechTalent program gives students a look into entrepreneurship

“I learned more here in six weeks than in university in one year. It’s really practical knowledge you can apply in your business life.”
– Tobia Tassinari

In October 2019, Eintracht Frankfurt and TechQuartier launched the first edition, the Pioneer Edition, of TechTalents a real-life work educational program for students interested in entrepreneurship. The free, two-month program brought together 30 university students, chosen from more than 140 applications, from universities around Europe and introduced them to possible future career opportunities in innovation.

“We are delighted that such powerful, innovative and internationally active companies have agreed to work with Eintracht Frankfurt and TechQuartier to promote and challenge our TechTalents. The qualification of the next generation for the working world 4.0 plays an important role for the future economic success of every company.”
– Axel Hellmann, Member of the Executive Board of Eintracht Frankfurt.

At the beginning of the eight-week program, participants were broken into five teams and matched with a corporate partner: Cisco, Siemens, Dell, Cheil or Freudenberg. Each team was given a challenge – a problem to solve digitally – and asked to present each solution in a 15-minute pitch delivered in front of a group of digital business experts. The final graduation was held at TechQuartier on 13 December.

The Winners:

Team Siemens, which walked away with a 5.000€ prize donated by Cisco, won for its app “SmartQ.” The team’s solution centered around decreasing wait times in beverage lines (or cues) during games and concerts held in stadiums. With this app, fans would purchase drinks and would be navigated to the shortest line closest to them. The result would be shorter lines, more drinks purchased and usable behavioral analytics.

“Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is one of the most important skills of the 21st century.”
Dr. Thomas Funke, Managing Director of TechQuartier

The other challenges:

“Connected Stadium“  – Cisco Systems
Develop a digital product or service that reduces operating costs, generates added value and financial revenue.

“The Gig Economy” – Cheil
Design a platform and business model that will increase collaboration between remote freelancers in teams and help companies find, connect, hire and manage freelance talent.

“What is The Real Foundation of Digitalization?” – Dell
Provide a Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) that demonstrates automation on all layers of IT infrastructure for an e-Sport use case inside a cloud operational model (on premise or off premise).

“Digital Helping Hands” – Freudenberg
Develop a digital solution for the younger target group (18 – 30 years), which makes cleaning the home easier and more satisfying and would be ready to launch in 2022.

“It’s so different, because it’s one of our first working experiences, so the teamwork is really valuable, because we all have different backgrounds and specialities. It was a good experience. It makes a blend of different knowledge and its very interesting and exciting.”
– Yann Bretelle, student

Hand-On Experience:

While developing their solutions, students also participated in five workshops hosted by industry business experts: Ideation (Cheil), coding (Cisco Systems), UX/UI (PwC), business modelling (Yester & Morrow) and marketing (Dell).

The teams went behind-the-scenes with Eintracht Frankfurt inside the Commerzbank-Arena, Cisco and PwC Frankfurt campus.

 “It was a great to see how the students learned from both the experts but also from each other, developed friendships and made important business contacts for the future. The development we could witness within the 8 weeks was astonishing.”
Alina Kilian, TechQuartier Program Director

A second edition of TechTalents is in the planning stages and will be announced this spring. Students enrolled in at least their second semester at a university will be eligible to apply.

Read the press release about the program: Eintracht Frankfurt and TechQuartier launch TechTalents program


Interested in applying for the second edition of the TechTalents program? Find out more here, and apply today!