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'The Stars Are Much Closer Than You Think'

By Sonia Malkova, Scouting & Matching

Humans tend to believe they were born on Earth. In our everyday business, we often forget that the world is bigger than we know it and that we, after all, are 92-percent stardust produced by exploding stars far, far away from our planet and maybe even our galaxy.

Luckily, there are many people and organisations that remind us of how important it is to look up to the stars. One of them is European Space Agency (ESA) with one of its units located right around the corner from Frankfurt, in Darmstadt. Startups that participated in the European Space Agency Business Incubator (ESA BIC) managed by Centrum für Satellitennavigation Hessen (cesah), that we are proud to partner with, also take part in cross-industry acceleration programs and events such as Agriculture & FoodTech accelerators of TechQuartier or Laptop & Leibchen with Eintracht Frankfurt. 

Space industry inspires people all over the planet. Apart from well-known companies such as NASA and SpaceX that have achieved remarkable success in, among other things, rocket reusability, there are also less-known ventures that aim for the stars. In Copenhagen, a group of space enthusiasts called Copenhagen Suborbitals are building rockets and successfully sending it into space since 2011, aiming to be the first amateur space mission in the world to send astronauts into space. I spent a day there in September, and watching rocket parts being cut out of metal with plasma ray while sitting in a space capsule was one of the best experiences ever.

Space industry goes beyond the limitations, connecting multiple industries in various combinations, and sometimes it needs our help. For example, ESA Space Debris Team visited a Frankfurt Data Science event to announce a Collision Avoidance competition, where everyone can try to build a model to predict the final collision risk estimate between a satellite and another space object, and try to prevent the scenario so vividly shown in Gravity.

The stars are much closer than you think.

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