ScanVid is a mobile app that improves shoppers journey by connecting products of their interests with the most relevant digital content from the companies and the related online ecosystem by using a proprietary search and a machine learning algorithm for recognizing product packages by object recognition.

ScanVid’s vision is to disrupt the retail market through facilitating consumer’s instant and easy access to integrated digital information about products, across all phases of the retail lifecycle including pre-sales and after-sales activities. ScanVid is a novel mobile cloud service, which provides consumers with an easy way for accessing digital information about products in an integrated way that exploits all available digital channels. In particular, ScanVid enables a consumer to access digital content about a product simply through the mobile phones camera by taking a picture of the product. An innovative machine learning object recognition system will compare the product package image with million of trained image and in less a second provide the related digital content from the internet. Search solutions like Google and Yahoo are avoided and influencing the shopper during his journey is impossible.

ScanVid has received funding in December 2017 from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 791874.

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