micobo GmbH

micobo GmbH

Platz der Einheit 2
Frankfurt am Main

micobo GmbH is a consulting company specializing in blockchain, banking and the finance industry. Through unparalleled experience in the financial sector, extensive research in the fields of new financial technologies and a highly specialised expert team, we advise our clients on specific strategic business alignment issues, in developing holistic business, with technology and digitization strategies and as experts play a key role in their technical implementation. We not only claim to highlight the current trends, but also to create unique competitive advantages through innovative approaches tailored to customer requirements. We understand FinTech not only as process digitization and efficient IT infrastructure, but also as a unique innovation endeavour to improve existing financial services and as a disruptive reinvention of the idea of banking. We combine many years of experience in the finance and technology sector with industry-specific expertise and the necessary FinTech founder mentality to actively implement such solutions. Unlike many large consulting and technology companies, we have two key factors for the success of our clients: technical expertise and authenticity.

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