Firamis GmbH

Firamis is a B2B FinTech company est. 2012 near Frankfurt.
FIRAMIS stands for Financial Risk and Asset Management with Intelligent Systems.
Our unique, license-based software platform for intelligent financial applications is based on machine intelligence and advanced analytics.
Our clients are banks, asset managers, insurance companies and other financial institutions.
Our solution types include InvestTech, WealthTech, RiskTech and RegTech.
Firamis applications are based on cutting-edge scientific research. Firamis is also supported by the EU.
Our software supports quantitative investment and advisory processes for digital asset & wealth management including portfolio health checks and monitoring services. This includes our revolutionary approach to portfolio diversification. The software supports trading, portfolio construction, asset allocation, hedging and research.
Our software also enables applications in risk management, fraud detection and surveillance.
Our system is specialised to process high-dimensional, complex, dynamic financial data sets including alternative data. Our visualisations and animations create process transparency and enable domain expert validation and auditing.
We co-organise the yearly, a special conference on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Network Analysis in Financial Services.
Firamis is not an investment advisor, broker or dealer and therefore does not participate in the offer, sale or distribution of securities, nor does it provide any investment advice.