Fintiba GmbH

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Fintiba GmbH

Baseler Straße 35 - 37
Frankfurt am Main

Fintiba is a fintech-hybrid and Germanys first digital platform and solution provider for international students and other groups such as job-seekers or language-students, who come to Germany. Beside an online blocked account for the German Visa and ‘Aufenthaltstitel’, where Fintiba has become the market leader in 2017, Fintiba offers a wide range of products and services for this kind of clients.

International Students, particular from outside the EU, need to overcome many bureaucratic hurdles and other challenges on their way und during their time in Germany – the visa-process, several requirements, source of funds, the culture differences or the German ‘Einwohnermeldewesen’ are only a few examples.

With its innovative technical systems and tailor-made solutions, Fintiba helps international students and leads to a more pleasant journey to Germany. To improve its offering Fintiba continually develops new products and services.

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FinTech Community Frankfurt GmbH
Platz der Einheit 2
60327 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0) 69 / 900 16 05-0

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