Connectica develops a platform that automates Supply Chain Finance as well as other Supply Chain services through digitization of the supply chain communication, smart analytics, machine learning, trust building mechanisms and application of an innovative business model. Connectica’s platform eliminates the need for SMEs to manually upload documents to get pricing offers as it generates and prices the offers automatically.

Connectica’s cloud platform allows SMEs to exchange documents with their trading partners in a fully digital and structured format for free. Connectica combines the data points from the exchanged commercial documents with the pricing frameworks from service providers (banks, factoring companies, fintechs, and logistics companies) to automatically generate and display the offers on-site. Connectica forwards the data to third parties only after the explicit approval of the customer to make sure the full compliance with data protection laws.

Due to the exact timing of the document exchange Connectica can present its customers the offers at the time when they are particularly relevant.

Furthermore, SMEs that use Connectica’s platform can also choose to instantly publish, grant and manage the access to the chosen documents (such as invoices, orders or shipping notes) to a third party, be it a bank, a government office or a business partner. All documents are digitally signed automatically as document exchange happens and optionally saved in a distributed ledger.

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