blackprint PropTech Booster

blackprint PropTech Booster is the premier hub for PropTech Innovation in Germany. It is a network driven accelerator for startups that aim at transforming the conventional approach to the real estate industry by embracing digital technology and with a scalable business model.

micobo GmbH

Die micobo GmbH ist eine auf die Banken- und Finanzbranche spezialisierte Unternehmensberatung. An der Schnittstelle von Finanzen und Technologie beraten wir das Management unserer Kunden bei speziellen strategischen Fragen zur Geschäftsausrichtung, bei der Entwicklung ganzheitlicher Geschäfts-, Technologie- und Digitalisierungsstrategien und nehmen als Experte eine Schlüsselfunktion bei deren technischer Umsetzung ein. Unser stetiger Anspruch in diesem Zusammenhang ist es, nicht nur aktuelle Trends aufzuzeigen, sondern durch einen auf die Kundenanforderungen zugeschnittenen Innovationsansatz einzigartige Wettbewerbsvorteile zu schaffen. Wir verstehen FinTech dabei nicht nur als Prozessdigitalisierung und effiziente IT Infrastruktur, sondern auch als ein einzigartiges Innovationsbestreben existierende Finanzdienstleistungen zu verbessern sowie als ein disruptives Neuerfinden der Idee von Banking. Dabei verbinden wir langjährige Erfahrung im Finanz- und Technologiesektor mit branchenspezifischem Fachwissen sowie der notwendigen FinTech Gründermentalität, solche Lösungen auch aktiv umzusetzen. Anders als viele große Beratungsgesellschaften und Technologieunternehmen besitzen wir dabei zwei wesentliche Faktoren für den Erfolg unserer Kunden und Mandanten: Fachexpertise und Authentizität.

Allthings GmbH

Allthings transforms buildings into digital products. The Allthings platform grants users of buildings access to digital services that simplify everyday life, connect people and improve communication. Property owners benefit from an unprecedented level of transparency in buildings, neighborhoods and across entire portfolios. Thanks to the open, modular design of the Allthings platform, third-party services can be integrated as needed, much like an app store for buildings.

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Fintiba GmbH

Fintiba is a fintech-hybrid and Germanys first digital platform and solution provider for international students and other groups such as job-seekers or language-students, who come to Germany. Beside an online blocked account for the German Visa and 'Aufenthaltstitel', where Fintiba has become the market leader in 2017, Fintiba offers a wide range of products and services for this kind of clients.

International Students, particular from outside the EU, need to overcome many bureaucratic hurdles and other challenges on their way und during their time in Germany - the visa-process, several requirements, source of funds, the culture differences or the German 'Einwohnermeldewesen' are only a few examples.

With its innovative technical systems and tailor-made solutions, Fintiba helps international students and leads to a more pleasant journey to Germany. To improve its offering Fintiba continually develops new products and services.


Worklean is a collaboration tool in the cloud. It helps you to structure your processes, to store and exchange documentation and to collaborate.

Worklean has templates for startups, which help them to keep lean their administration processes. It also disposes of templates for due diligence and venture capital investments. There are further templates for other use cases.

Beyond that it facilitates the creation of own workflows and the storage of documentation.


Smartkarma is a collaborative ecosystem that is radically changing the way market participants create, distribute and consume investment insights. As a trusted information source, Smartkarma provides unconflicted and unmatched analysis, transparency, and context into financial markets to help global institutional investors confidently drive their investment strategies. Unlike traditional research companies, Smartkarma combines intelligence from the world’s premier analysts, academics, data scientists and strategists in one unique ecosystem. Our customizable platform helps investors optimize research spend and enhance returns while accessing the widest range of global analysis of financial markets available. The Smartkarma community is on a mission to challenge conventional thinking and change how we view, value and drive idea generation to foster a new standard of industry dialogue and cooperation.

CreditLinks GmbH

CreditLinks structures data, integrates workflows and enables smart communication for corporate financings in a single platform and connects European corporates, their lenders and advisors.

cunio Technologies GmbH

cunio is the platform for the real estate industry. We connect all stakeholders and also spend value for their special needs. The so called cunio follow up effects is something our customers like a lot.