Working at TechQuartier: An Interview with Dominik Zborek

Dominik Zborek, Head of IT & Development at TechQuartier

When did you start at TechQuartier?

I was one of the very first working at TechQuartier – I joined before our first coworking space opened, and even before we were called TechQuartier!  

How did your tasks evolve over time?

Since I was an intern at the Hessian Ministry of Economics (development of financial markets in Frankfurt), I was involved in the idea of creating a fintech and startup community early on. This is how I met Dr. Sebastian Schäfer, our Managing Director.

I started at TQ as a working student doing mostly research, and then my first full-time position was focused primarily on both research and hands-on community management. In autumn 2017 I signed on to remain at TQ and worked as our research manager, handling the creation of the TQ Scale Up Study with Goethe University and additionally the Startup Genome Frankfurt Ecosystem Report. Since autumn 2018, my focus has shifted to Matching and Scouting, and I now manage my own team! 

What have been the greatest learnings for you at TQ? 

Well, since I was trained in financial macroeconomics and have previously worked in a corporate and public administration, TQ was quite a cultural shift for me. I really had to learn to not focus so much on rules and regulations, but more on goals and results. It made me learn to think out of the box and be more creative. At TQ this entrepreneurial mindset is really celebrated.  

How do you make sure that interns have the best learning experience possible at TQ? 

I always try to make sure that new interns can experience the same learning curve as I did. That means that they get access to all parts of TechQuartier: not only should they know our team, but they should know our startups and our partners as well! Also, I think it is really important to treat interns as regular colleagues and make certain they work on challenging tasks. Everyones ideas and proposals are openly discussed, and each intern should have (and take full advantage of) the chance to grow within their internship! 

What would be your main advice to our new hires joining TQ?

First, be openminded about connecting with the whole community. We have an amazing network, so they should not be shy! Also, we really appreciate independent initiative, so you are absolutely invited to share your own ideas – we give everyone a fair chance.