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We speed up product design processes with hackathons, bootcamps and innovation challenges to develop prototypes, minimum viable products & proof of concepts 




Hackathons are not just for coding. This blueprint of bringing people and experts together to build solutions quickly can be adapted for any challenge or topic. The results are minimum viable products (MVPs) & proof of concepts (PoCs) developed in a two-day, intense workshop. 
We can help you conceptualize, plan and implement a hackathon virtually or in our space. 
We can dive into our community to invite participants and/or work together to develop a public marketing strategy to attract applicants.   
The end of the hackathon usually culminates with a Demo Day to allow teams to share their digital solutions.  


In Bootcamps, participants talent or founders – intensely focus on their ideas while learning from experts on topics such as team formation, product fit and fundraising. Unlike Hackathons, Bootcamps usually last longer than two days and the ideas are matured beyond the initial ideation stage.   

The aim of a Bootcamp is to advance innovative startups and fulfill a specific requirement defined by a corporate partner.  
We build the program to support participating startups and to further shape their business models. Once again, we reach into our community to find industry experts, investors and experienced company founders interested in growing innovation. 
Like a Hackathon, the program ends with a Demo Day and presentation or pitch from each of the teams or founders. You get the first look and refined business models and solutions that can answer challenges in your company. 
You also get to meet the recruits, thinkers and entrepreneurs of the future. 

Innovation Challenges

If you’re looking to connect with startups who have an established business model, one opportunity is to host an Innovation Challenge. You present your company’s challenge and founders fit their technologies to create a solution.  


We design these programs to initiate the development of new digital solutions based on real use cases. 
We identify strategic needs, scout for leading-edge solutions and manage pilot projects with the best startups from around the globe. 
We also facilitate the targeted development of challenge-based pilot projects between startups and corporate partners.  
Challenges also can end with a Demo Day where solutions are showcased.  


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