Compliance Navigator: Helping global startups understand German regulation

The second edition of the Compliance Navigator hosted by Atos, PwC,equens Worldline and TechQuartier was held on June 17-18 virtually. Twelve TechQuartier members and startups were once again able to increase their knowledge in compliance, KYC and information security.

“It is a very complex topic and it is hard to know everything by heart on your own.” said Evgeny Matershev from Agora Innovation.  

Startups, in different lifecycle phases of developmentlogged on to listen and interact with speakers such as: 
 Veronica Alava, Business Development Manager at equensWorldline,
 Jean-Pierre Le Treut, Group Industry Solution Director at Atos and 
– Janine Skinner, Chief Protection Officer at Atos North America.  

To increase their knowledge, twelve startups from all over the globe including from Tel Aviv and Sydney participated.  

The startups included:

The first workshop to kickoff the event was Big Picture – Regulatory Landscape. Deutsche Bundesbank gave an overview of the financial institutions in Germany and Europe and gave insights about the regulatory landscape in these countries. One of the learnings was that digitalization brings risks and chances to banks, but we should see young FinTechs as an opportunity to solve these upcoming problems.  

Other conference topics including KYC clustered with Financial Crime & Fraud Prevention Workshop gave interesting insights to the startups. What is possible in this specific area? What should they think about while protecting the company and their users of financial crime?  

“Most interesting detail was in the KYC clustered with Financial Crime & Fraud Prevention Workshop that people create a 3D image of a stolen identity and put this in front of the camera. I never imagined that people are so creative when it comes to framing someone. I never thought in that dimension. It was a very interesting insight. said Matthias von Keudell from Fincite.  

The last speaker of the event was Jennifer Skinner, Chief Protection Officer at Atos North America who spoke from the US about data privacy & data securityShe pointed out how extremely important it is for companies to make data security an important topic for every employee.  

It has to be part of the corporate social responsibility for companies in order to move from data privacy to data ethics.” 

The Compliance Navigator concluded with customized 1-on-1s with experts to talk in-depth about each startup’s regulation questions.   

Leading the program were partners Marc Billeb, PwC, Sven Meyer, PwCOlaf Badstübner, Global Director Financial Services at Atos, and Carsten Goebel, Business Development Manager at equensWorldline.