Landing Pad

Landing Pad

Landing Pad, in corporation with KPMG, is TQ’s springboard to Europe’s largest market. Is Frankfurt the right place to get your startup to the top? It is indeed a unique opportunity to discover Germany’s FinTech hub and Frankfurt’s way of doing business – and it will all happen in the space of a week as opposed to several months.

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Medici is the place where knowledge and expertise from various, seemingly unrelated fields, intersect to create new paradigms. To break away from traditional settings and to tie the knots between the old and the new economy, Medici facilitates an interdisciplinary innovation journey, for both corporates and young professionals.

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MMI InsurTech

MMI InsurTech

The digital transformation has taken the insurance industry by storm. Investors have discovered new solutions and overall funding has increased significantly. Reason enough to offer innovative InsurTechs a unique format for successful financing rounds with MMIInsurTech.

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MMI LegalTech

MMI LegalTech

Law Meets Technology – LegalTech innovates and automates legal work processes by state-of-the-art technology. Not only favored by the rapid advancement in AI and machine learning or Blockchain, LegalTech is transforming the legal industry. The LegalTech edition of Money meets Idea offers an intense & mentorship driven bootcamp to get investment ready.

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MMI Greentech

MMI GreenTech

Put a dent in the universe. The green industry is a growing market and many of the world’s greatest challenges in water, energy and resource scarcity will be tackled through high-tech solutions. To get those GreenTechs funded we create MMI GreenTech. One week is dedicated to working on a business strategy and building an attractive investment case.

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UX Accelerator

UX Accelerator

Usability and User Experience (UX) are critical components of any digital product or service. Only by addressing the true needs of users and by providing a seamless experience, a new business can be successful on the market and compete against similar offerings. However, a good user experience doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of careful planning, analysis, investment, and continuous improvement. PwC recognizes the need for this and supports the TechQuartier community by providing a UX accelerator program including lab equipment and methodological support for enabling startups to conduct their own UX research and experiments with users.

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MMI SportsTech

TQ’s Investment Readiness Bootcamp
in Cooperation with Eintracht Frankfurt

Football and technology? Of course! Technology is shaping our daily life, and the digital transformation is disrupting whole industries – even professional sports. For the first time, a main player of the German Bundesliga and the premium start-up- and tech hub in the metropolitan region of Frankfurt, Eintracht Frankfurt and TechQuartier, are joining forces to create innovative solutions for today’s challenges.

MMI SportsTech – What’s the deal?

Money meets Idea – MMI SportsTech is tailored to early-stage start-ups that want to raise capital for their sports business. All participants go through a fast-paced, intense bootcamp and a mindset-shifting experience, with personalised support from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and sports industry insiders.

Kick-off your business!


MMI SportsTech is an unique 5-Day-Bootcamp for early stage startups that accelerate your idea to the next level. It is tailor-made to deliver incredible value in a compact timeframe and could be the boost your sport business needs.


During the week a cohort of up to 10 selected startups engage in a systematic review of their business model, strategy and team, before crafting a validated growth and investment plan.

Results matter!

MMI SportsTech teaches you to “look through the lens of the investor” and gets you in front of an international network of the most relevant sport industry insiders, investors and investment experts.

One Week – One Stop
5 days dedicated to speeding up your investment process.

Investors Ecosystem & Landscape

Market Research, Metrics & KPIs

Startup Valuation & Negotiation Skills

Legal Issues & Due Diligence

Management, Leadership, HR & Team

Pitching, Storytelling

1on1 with sport industry insiders & investment experts

Expand your network & get valuable fittable contacts

Are you the right fit?

  • Your are a ready to scale your business idea
  • Your are working on a scalable sports tech solution
  • You are seeking investment and geared for growth
  • You are a sports and startup enthusiast

Your business idea supports the following segments?

  • Athletic – training control, data & training analysis
  • Match – analysis training, opponents, match
  • Training – material, planning, analysis
  • Medicine – therapy, nutrition, prevention, rehabilitation
  • Management – scouting, organisation
  • Fan Experience – digital stadium, online interactivity, retail

How it works

Application Closing

April 1st

Selection Day

April 3rd

MMI SportsTech Bootcamp

April 23th–27th

Demo Day

Week 18


Early stage in the life cycle of an enterprise where the entrepreneur moves from the idea stage to securing financing, laying down the basis structure of the business, and initiating operations or trading.

Applications are open, so you can apply right away by clicking here. The deadline is April 1st.

After the application deadline we’ll invite you for a Skype-interview (Selection Day, April 3rd). After the inverview we’ll provide you with feedback within the following 2-3 days.

You commit to following the full program, including all exercises, preparing your plan and presentation. This means you need to reserve all program dates in your calendar. At least one co-founder of the Startup needs to attend the full program (other colleagues can join for the modules).

Time commitment – Over the program, you should expect to put in about 6 days in Frankfurt

  • 1 Selection Day (Skype-Interview)
  • 5 Workshop Days (on-side at TQ)
  • 1 Demo Day (on-side at TQ or Commerzbank-Arena)

You undertake to help your peers and receive constructive feedback from them. You will be required to be very transparent with us and the coaches regarding your venture (sharing details on the state of your team, financials, product; specific technical details about your product do not need to be shared though).
All participants and core program staff will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the start of the MMI SportsTech.

You will need to be seeking (equity) investment.

No, we do not take an equity stake in your Startup.

You can tick all the boxes? Great!
Apply by April 1st.

The Selection Committee will review the applications submitted and will create a shortlist. Applicants will be contacted for an invitation for the Selection Day.