Visa's Everywhere Initiative

Revolutionizing the Payment Space
in Cooperation with Visa

Visa’s Everywhere Initiative is a global innovation program that invites startups to solve specific challenges. The program first launched in the U.S. in 2015 and quickly expanded into a global program with more than 2,100 participating startups, which have collectively raised +$2 billion. The program activates startups in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa from over 40 different countries.

Visa's Everywhere – What’s the deal?

Visa's Everywhere Initiative targets the German-speaking D/A/CH region. This is open to eligible startups which address the German-speaking D/A/CH region specifics & challenges. There is a monetary prize fund of €50,000 along with the chance to work with Visa on future projects across our global network.

2 challenges

Challenge 1 – Daily Customer Experience in Payments

How can you leverage digital technologies to enhance the everyday life payment-related customer experience of end-users in the German-speaking markets?

The brief

Non-traditional players have injected new ideas and technologies into the traditional payments ecosystem, increasing consumer expectations for “wow,” seamless experiences. As a result, an anytime, anywhere commerce mindset has emerged, creating a wide set of opportunities for startups to develop their ideas for transforming the customer experience. Consumers’ wants include payment experiences with unique features like easy setup, control, customization and most of all zero friction or wait time. Payment can now happen before, during or after shopping – as long as it does not interfere with the experience. Security is taken for granted and a no-brainer especially for the fraud-concerned German consumer.

The focus of the challenge is on application fields such as shopping experience in offline, online or omni-channel environments to travel experience before, during or after traveling as well as customer banking experience.

Challenge 2 – Future Ecosystem for Payments

How can you help to enable technology-driven future use-cases powered by digital payments which will become relevant for German-speaking markets within the next couple of years?

The brief

This challenge is a call to action for startups to extrapolate from emerging but not yet everyday life technologies to entirely new fields of applications by connecting these to digital payments. At Visa, we estimate that in 2020 more than 20 billion connected devices will be interacting autonomously within the Internet of Things.

Today is the opportunity for startups to re-imagine the devices we use, the routes we take and the cities we live in and thus shape the way we make sense of the IoT. Share your vision on how you’d empower these technologies through payment and help to develop new use-cases which will excite businesses and people in the German-speaking markets.

Submissions can refer to smart cities, the IoT and machine-to-machine interactions, connected car or other mobility concepts but are not limited to these areas.


Application Period

7 June – 20 August 2018


19 Sep 2018

Winners announced

20 Sep 2018

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Landing Pad

FastTrack on how to make it in Frankfurt

Is Frankfurt the right place to get your startup to the top? This is a unique opportunity to discover Germany's FinTech hub and Frankfurt's way of doing business – and it will happen in a matter of one week, not months!

What‘s in it for you?


Doers making things happen – We help ideas spread faster, accelerate your market entry and increase scaling effects.


A turnkey package to grow globally – connect your cutting-edge solutions to multinational banks, investors and industry leaders.


Meet the challenges of our global world by using the experience gained through Landing Pad to expand successfully into new markets.

One week full of opportunities & interaction

On-the-ground insights and deep dive into Frankfurt’s ecosystem

Hands-on strategy for your internationalization ambitions

Direct channels to relevant markets, investors, and industry experts

Time saved: the right action at the right time means success faster

Frankfurt in a nutshell

The #1 destination for global FinTechs

  • 200 International Banks
  • 8,000 Financial Services Companies
  • 100 FinTechs
  • 1,000,000 $ CVC Investment
  • 90% of Banks Works Together with FinTechs
  • 200,000 Students & High Potentials
  • 21 Top-Notch Universities & Business Schools
  • 58 Research Institutions
  • Headquarter of European Central Bank
  • Headquarter of German Stock Exchange
  • Headquarter of German Central Bank
  • Headquarter of Bafin

Direct access to TQ's one-of-a-kind platform

Are you the right fit?

The #1 destination for global FinTechs

  • Vision:
    You have clear objectives and strive to achieve them.
  • Scalability:
    You are able to deliver your product or service to 100 or one million customers.
  • Traction:
    You already have achieved several of the following key milestones: proof-of-concept, existing sales and customers, funding, investors, and partners.
  • Differentiation:
    Your product or service transform its market and you have a clear value propostiion and vision for growth.

How it works


Selected fast-growing incorporated startups under 8 years old, eager to understand the German market and make first business connections.


Submit your pitch deck and tell us why you want to join Landing Pad.


Your week in Frankfurt:
Oct. 30 – Nov. 2
Application will close on Sept. 21

And Beyond?

Soft landing services for a smooth set up in Frankfurt and a one yr TQ Community Membership for free.

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Selection Process:

The Selection Committee will review the applications and will create a shortlist to set up interviews for the final selections.

Submit your pitch deck & motivation.

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UX Accelerator

PwC’s UX accelerator program for startups

Is your product or service ready to compete against the best offerings on the market? Do you know how your users feel and what they think when using your product? More often than not, our assumptions on how people will use something are dead wrong. Do the reality check! Find out if you can improve the user experience by getting into the mind of your customers.

PwC’s UX accelerator program for startups


Usability and User Experience (UX) are critical components of any digital product or service. Only by addressing the true needs of users and by providing a seamless experience, a new business can be successful on the market and compete against similar offerings.


A good user experience doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of careful planning, analysis, investment, and continuous improvement. Learn how to run UX experiments and how to adapt to your user’s needs.


UX accelerator program including lab equipment and methodological support for enabling startups to conduct their own UX research and design studies with users.

Improve your product’s user experience

Design UX Experiments

Understand your Users

Measure UX Metrics

Eye Tracking Analysis

Fix Usability Issues

Increase User Engagement

Get new Design Ideas

Improve Product Strategy

Are you the right fit?

  • Your business involves a digital service or product
  • You are interested in UX and user-centered design
  • You have a prototype or MVP of your product or service
  • You seek to improve user adoption and growth

How it works

Application Closing

August 31, 2018

Selection Day

September 14, 2018

Kick-Off & Testing Weeks

Kick-Off: October 2

Testing Weeks: Oct. 22-26 & 30-31


Demo Day

November 14, 2018


You should bring a prototype (e.g. early stage click-dummy or fully interactive) or an actual system that can be tested by users with realistic end-to-end tasks. It should reflect the actual experience as closely as possible considering your stage of development. No “lorem ipsum” placeholder texts, please.

Please fill out the application form. The deadline is August, 31 2018. For the first run of the program, we will select 3 Startups from all applicants based on fitness for the program and expected effectiveness of the methods used. Additional future runs of the program will be offered on demand.

After the deadline we will schedule interviews with selected startups. After all interviews, we will provide feedback to all applicants until September 14, 2018.

You commit to the full program, which includes workshops, preparing your research plan, documenting results and full-day testing sessions as well as a final presentation of your results. This requires you to reserve the program days in your calendar. At least one co-founder should attend the kickoff and presentation days. We encourage you to observe the lab experiment with your entire team. All events will be held in the UX lab of TechQuartier.

Estimated time commitment:

  • Kickoff workshop (1 day)
  • Research plan & experiment design (3 days)
  • Lab equipment and setup workshop (1 day)
  • Recruiting participants (2 days)
  • Preparing and conducting lab experiment (2 days)
  • Documenting and preparing your presentation (1 day)
  • Final presentation (1 day)

Please send an email to for any remaining questions.

You can tick all the boxes? Great!
Apply by August 31st.

The Selection Committee will review the applications submitted and will create a shortlist. Applicants will be contacted for an invitation for the Selection Day.