Member Profile: Field Buzz

Meet Field Buzz, a new TQ member since the first of September. Co-founders Alexis Rawlinson and Habib Ullah Bahar started the company in 2015 with the goal of creating smartphone-based software “to reach the invisibles in the last mile in emerging markets.” These so-called “invisibles” are the 4 billion farming smallholders, small shops, low-income consumers and unbanked globally whose profiles and transactions with the rest of the world are currently recorded on paper only. Because these people do not have electronic track records with the many companies and organizations that are working with them, there is no way for the companies to know systematically that they are trustworthy and active. So they never get offered all kinds of services and products that would help them to grow out of poverty, such as credit, insurance, training, targeted business or agronomy services.

Field Buzz bridges that gap by helping companies to replace paper records with smartphone-based transactions in the “last mile” in countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Uganda and Kenya. The cash-positive startup already has large clients including Danone, Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, BRAC Microfinance and Welthungerhilfe. But to reach scale, they have been moving beyond customized projects for large clients, converting to a modular software-as-a-service platform suitable also for many smaller organizations.

To keep growing, they have been signing software-distribution partnerships with mobile network operators in emerging markets; and longer-term, they hope to offer profiles & ratings of the previously “invisible” for third-party financial service providers. Field Buzz are looking for like-minded investors to expand their operations and help reach more people in more countries around the world.

For more information about Field Buzz: or simply say hello to Alexis Rawlinson at his desk at TechQuartier on the second floor.