Oliver Hagen and Thomas Biermann

Member Profile: Lofino

Meet Lofino. One of our members focusing on the employee benefit sector to make employer/employee relationships easier and more  transparent using digital technology.

What is your startup and what is your role? 

Behind LOFINO are the two founders Thomas Biermann and Oliver Hagen. Due to years of experience in the field of employee benefits and the cooperation of different companies, Thomas knows the needs of employees. He always places the needs of the employees in the LOFINO team and thus always pushes new ideas in the team. When it comes to placing needs around the topics Mobility, Lunch, Spend, Fit, Web or Consult, he is the right person to contact. With over 25 years professional experience, of it 10 years as a tax official on all levels (tax office, regional finance office and Federal Ministry of Finance) and 15 years as a tax advisor, Oliver knows the current legal situation and supports LOFINO with those topics.

The HSB tax office led by Oliver supports and develops new tax models, with which employees can save simply over the LOFINO App. He advises with emphasis in Berlin/Brandenburg in addition, country widely enterprises and private people competently to almost all questions approximately around the topics tax-free wage modules and knows so, which needs high-level personnel have. Together Thomas and Oliver form a stable and brought in team. The team was supplemented in the course of the time and with the constant growth by LOFINO by Account & Sales managers, marketing experts and IT experts.


Where did this idea come from?

Thomas and Oliver have been dealing with tax issues for many years. Due to the strong customer relationship, it became obvious to the two founders that a lot of potential in the area of taxes was untapped. From this thought the idea for LOFINO was born. In order to keep the effort for the finance department as low as possible, we developed simple processes. Today LOFINO helps many companies to organize their benefit jungle and manage it on one application. The unique legal tech approach leads to unusual precision and avoidance of 90% administration effort.


What has been your biggest success so far?

We have managed to combine the multitude of different tax models in one app. It was especially important to us that despite the different models, the app is simple and easy to use. We were able to convince companies like ThyssenKrupp with this model. But also investors which enabled us to receive the BAFA Invest subsidy. Successes that we at LOFINO like to look back on.


What has been your biggest learning?

Customer acquisition in the B2B sector is steady but slow. We have learned that customers are sluggish when it comes to switching to digital tax methods. If we have convinced a customer, the joy is huge. Despite the fact that customers can cancel every month, only a few make use of this service.


What is your background – professionally or personally?

Thomas: I was born in the summer of 1970 and enjoy life in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region. I was a national golf player for over 10 years. Besides playing golf, I enjoy exploring unknown places, sports and everything that sounds exciting. I have been developing various projects in different industries for several years, crazyly I have developed some high-quality golf courses, consult companies, build up structures and gladly make my network with valuable people available. At the moment I am setting up my startup LOFINO.