Member Feature: Meet Samuel Bisrat

Samuel Bisrat, EduCreate founder

At the age of 22, he already had his first Frankfurt startup, Outdoor Kids, successfully up and running. Now two years wiser, Samuel and his partner Samuel Menghistu are in the beginning stages of a new venture – EduCreate.

This new idea was inspired by an upcoming teacher shortage predicted to hit Germany in 2025 when schools are obligated to hold classes all day instead of a half day. To fill this gap, EduCreate will connect schools and students with professionals in all fields who can bring their expertise to classrooms. From sports to art to science, students can learn from their community network and schools can provide interesting all-day learning opportunities outside of traditional curriculums.

“We need to close the gap between educators and professionals. More people are needed to work with children.”

Scheduled to launch online in April 2020, EduCreate can be customised for individual schools and age groups via a web-based app. Samuel is also looking for corporate sponsorships to help offset costs, too.

Samuel is also inspiring. As a young startup founder, he is someone promising already gaining experience on the entrepreneur playing field.

His motivation is simple.

“I just have fun starting companies and being able to work on my own ideas. This is my way to impress myself. I don’t do boring.”

CTO Needed
The team is on the hunt for a CTO to join this startup. Interested? Email Samuel Bisrat directly here.