Ruzica Pekic and Lukasz Musialski

Member Profile: Proptiq

Meet Proptiq. This was a big year for Proptiq. Graduates from the blackprint booster – Proptech accelerator, they partnered with another featured member of Tech­Quartier, Fincite, in order to build the technological backbone of their first solution, WG Manager. This product was launched by the end of 2019. The team has the wind in its sails and is looking to continue making waves in 2020.

TQ: Where is your team from?

Proptiq: I (Ruzica) was born in Bosnia and raised in Croatia. I came to Germany five years ago to study Finance and got my Master’s degree from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. This is where I met Luke, originally from Poland, who came to Germany six years ago for his studies as well.

TQ: Tell us about your company’s mission and what does it stand for?

P: We develop digital solutions for coliving. The technology is implemented in dedicated digital coliving management products ranging from residential properties (WGs) to large, purpose-built coliving facilities as a white-label solution. We established a brand that is the benchmark in the coliving industry and stands for ease-of-use and reliable products.

TQ: How is your company breaking new ground and shaping the future of its industry?

P: We focus on solving problems that cause headaches for landlords and coliving providers, and ultimately for the tenants as well. We’ve developed an innovative tech stack that streamlines the processes in the onboarding phase of the new tenants, enables digital access to services, and creates communities around coliving rather than just a place to live. Because of this, coliving gets even more attractive for landlords and we can contribute to the demand for living space in cities.

TQ: What value have you found being a member at TQ?

P: When we moved to TQ, we expected to have our company registered at a regular coworking place. But TQ is so much more than that! It is not only coworking, but rather co-every-thing! Behind TQ there is a large community of professionals who always have you on their mind and try to help wherever they can – they connect you to their valuable network of investors, corporates, and there are diverse programs created for startups, which is a great added value.

“We focus on solving problems that cause headaches for landlords and coliving provi­ders, and ultimately for the tenants as well.”