Matthias Karger and Lars Manuel Rinn

Member Profile:

Meet node.energyLong-time TQ member has continued its successful trajectory in 2019. After graduating from the EY Startup Academy two years ago and rai­sing funding shortly afterwards, their team has grown and they have now moved into the newly-founded GreenTech Hub. At the outset of the new decade and through its involvement in the ‘’Founders for Future’’ movement, is fast becoming Frankfurt’s champion of a more sustainable way of doing busi­ness.

TQ: Tell us about your WHY; what is your company’s mission and what does it stand for? We help companies switch to renewable energies. With our SaaS-solution opti.node, our customers can achieve both at the same time: reduce their energy bill and their carbon emissions.

TQ: How is your company breaking new ground and shaping the future of its industry?

n: The energy transition materializes in tens of thousands of smaller energy infrastructure projects. In ‘engineering-nation‘ Germany, the technical part is not a big issue. What is more of a problem, however, is the complex web of rules and laws that make it difficult to financially assess new projects and to efficiently manage existing ones.

Our SaaS-solution opti.node combines for the first time technical, legal and financial aspects in one intuitive planning and management tool. By using opti.node, our customers cut their time-effort by at least 10x and reduce costly mistakes compared to traditional manual methods.

TQ: What 2019 achievements are you most proud of?

n: In the beginning of the year, we launched our SaaS-offer. Since then we have won prominent customers like Deutsche Post/DHL, ABB Group and Deutsche Bahn who use opti.node to efficiently reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.

TQ: What value have you found being a member at TQ?

n: We love TQ for bringing together all relevant players of the startup ecosystem. This facilitates highly efficient networking with other startups, provides us with visibility towards investors, and helps us get in touch with corporates as potential partners and clients.

“For 2020 we want to continue growing and most importantly, help our customers be suc­cessful in reducing manual workload, energy costs and crucially, carbon emissions.”