Team Member Profile: Lucas Schmitt

Meet Lucas Schmitt. One of our newest team members, he’s in the role of Innovation Scouting and Matching Manager.

“I have a passion for innovation, “ Lucas said. “This community is perfect to support opportunities to create something of your own.”

Before coming to TQ, Lucas was a Technical Controller at Siemens and before that, he was a Business Analyst at Lufthansa. All were good, secure positions in reputable companies, but he felt restless.

With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim and a Master of Science in Energy Management from the Darmstadt University of Applied Science, he wanted to put his knowledge and beliefs to work in a way that would make a daily difference. In his new position, he matches startups with corporate partners. The potential is to be a catalyst that creates change at TechQuartier.

“Lucas brings his corporate experience and focus to our team, but he also brings new ideas to match startups with the right opportunities,” Dominik Zborek,  Head of Scouting & Matching.

Future plans include uniting local universities with tech and businesses to build up our regional startup ecosystems. He describes it as “bringing the innovation out of universities.” Lucas also is interested in working with startups in the GreenTech Hub.

“We have the opportunity and technology to do something about sustainability and retain a high quality of life.”

Naturally, Lucas is also an outdoors lover. He spends his free time traveling to places like Malaysian Borneo, Cape Town and the US Pacific Northwest to experience new landscapes and their inhabitants. He snowboards, skis and plays Fußball, too.

You can reach Lucas at and on LinkedIn.