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AWS Cloud Consultant

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Thinkport brings Silicon Valley technologies in established German enterprises. Focused mainly on the AWS Cloud, we prepare major companies for the future. We currently service multiple DAX clients within the sectors of Automotive, Energy, Logistics, Finance and Health. Every project we accept is within the digitalization strategy of the companies. We often work closely with Amazon together, because these projects are so impactful.

You have the chance to work on several exciting projects which fit your skill set and interests. As a Thinkport Cloud Architect you will design the future infrastructure of our clients, help to prototype and automate it with Terraform/CloudFormation. The Tech Stack includes managed infrastructure (AWS Kinesis, Lambda, RDS, Cognito, Cloudwatch, ECS, DynamoDB, …) as well as agnostic components (EC2, Networks, Load balancing, Docker, Kuberntes, Ansible, Kafka, …). Coding Skills in JavaScript, Python or Java will be also beneficial for most of our projects.

### The best opportunity for you ###

This full-time employment is a perfect chance to proof your cloud skills and work on the most innovative tech projects in German enterprises. You will…

– Have a desk at out Office in @TechQuartier or @VABN and meet inspiring people
– Work with outstanding and motivated people on meaningful projects
– Get certified in emerging technologies of your choice and learn high paid tech skills
– Paid traveling to major cities across Germany (e.g. Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, …)
– Flexible and attractive compensation package

### How to convince ###

We only hire highly skilled and strongly motivated talents. You will definitely get invited to our offices if you have…

– High motivation for tech and innovation and eager to learn (This is by far the most important)
– Cloud experience and at best certifications for AWS (Associate/Professional)
– Educational background and informatics or related courses
– Portfolio of own projects done in the cloud or with similar technologies

Our number one goal is to help you grow and be successful in their career. Included in our On-Boarding you need to fill out a form with your goals at Thinkport and from that they the whole team is working to get you there.

All this sounds exciting? Then go for it and meet us!

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