Lead Software EngineerPython und DevOps


Lead Software EngineerPython und DevOps

It’s good and important to demonstrate for more climate protection but by working for us, you can save the environment even more effectively. At node.energy, we work every day for a decentralized and environmentally friendly energy future.

Renewable energy is extremely profitable today, yet most companies don’t even come close to reaching their potential. The reason for this is it is simply too complicated. An unimaginable number of regulations must be taken into account during planning and operation. When you add in the everyday tasks of running a business, there’s often no time left for renewable energy. We solve this problem at node.energy by automating the planning and management of decentralized energy systems.

To strengthen our team, we are searching immediately for:

Lead Software EngineerPython und DevOps

What you get

A job with meaning. Of course, that doesn’t pay for the roof over your head. That is why there is also good money. Most likely you could get more as a small cog in the machine of a huge corporation but, even as a startup, we have enough means to pay a reasonable wage and we offer you the possibility to actively help shape our growing company. And all that without restrictive processes, hierarchical structures, and outdated technologies.

Instead, there are many great things that make work and life easier: flexible working hours, home office, an allowance for lunch, an Urban Sports Club membership and much more.

What you bring to the table

We are looking for people, not positions. In a small team, not every task can have its own position, so the tasks are varied and the requirements are correspondingly broad. Most important to us is that you are a clever person. Above all:

  • Very good knowledge of Python or willingness to learn it
  • Interest in the topic of energy
  • Ideally, you already have a few years experience in the development of web applications, in the area of DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes) or data pipelines (Airflow, Luigi, ETL-Libraries, etc.)


To apply, just send an email to jobs@node.energy with whatever you think is important to give us a picture of you. You can also send any questions you have any time tolars.rinn@node.energy.

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