“The Mission” returns to TechQuartier for the third time!

Innovation needs a room to grow. That’s why Futury, an innovation and venturing platform from Frankfurt, chooses TQ as the home base for their project teams for the third project in the row.

Futury was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the Werte-Stiftung, an independent foundation based in Frankfurt that strives for equal opportunities and social cohesion in Germany.

With the goal of creating value-based innovation, Futury began to expand its network and offer one-of-a-kind innovation projects to Germany’s market leaders and hidden champions, where teams of young talents seized the companies’ innovation potential and developed new business models, products and services.

The Mission

Last year, together with the partners Bain & Company, Deutsche Bank, Handelsblatt and PreZero, Futury has launched The Mission – a new initiative for a sustainable future. 

Twelve different topic areas were jointly defined by the partners, each to be covered by a three-month innovation project, i.e. ‘a Mission’. For each round, Futury invites various industry players and 20 top young talents on board to develop holistic sustainable innovations. 

The Mission at TechQuartier

From the second Mission on, Futury has been choosing TQ as space for its project teams to create, innovate and set the first building blocks of their startups.

Vanessa Kämpf, Program Director of The Mission: “TechQuartier has proven to be the perfect space for us and our teams. We start each project with an extensive onboarding week full of workshops and expert talks, and then go into daily business with meetings, calls and the regular routine. TechQuartier, as an office, provides us with everything we need for a smooth working experience. But what is even more important is the sense of community we have here. Our teams are in constant exchange will all the other startups we share the floor with to get feedback and inspiration, which I personally value a lot. “

Futury at TQ

“It’s not just about the working space, the leisure space is fantastic as well!” – adds Lara Dodd, Project Manager of Futury’s “Sports – Be Sustainable” project that they successfully closed off last week. “Our teams found TQ to be a perfect space for after-work events, which I think contributed to their amazing team spirit and the overall atmosphere of the project. My absolute highlight of the past project was our intercultural evening, where our teams cooked and brought the food from their cultures and we had an amazing time together. Events like these made our TQ experience even more special.”

Read more about Futury’s experience in TQ in their blog post about us!

End of October, Futury will return to TQ for the third time with “The Mission IV: Work – Be Next!”. With the main partner Schaeffler and 20 young talents, they will look into the sustainable future of how, where and with whom people work and develop five unique ideas around that topic.

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We look forward to welcoming Futury in our co-working space again.