Founders' Journal: Two Tales from EY Startup Academy

Sisters Laura Haberkorn (pictured) and Sandra Tennemann are the co-founders of suprtrue.

Following the Story

In early October, seven fledgling companies from all over Germany began their EY Startup Academy education. This year’s class is made up of a wide mix of startup business ideas. These startups were selected after competing in a pitch competition in September. From 13 only seven made it into the EY program.

Over the following five weeks, we’ll track the progress of two startups from the group – suprtrue and Sooqua. We’ll ask the founders questions about their past, present and future.

>> Sooqua – week one

meet suprtrue

Sisters Laura Haberkorn and Sandra Tennemann are the co-founders of suprtrue, a web shop (in the making) for simple, sustainable packaging. According to Laura, suprtrue is a collaborative project initiated and held by Packaging Circus, a packaging design agency founded by Laura, Sandra and Kolossum, which was in turn founded by Digital Entrepreneur Florian Krebber.

Week Two – Q&A

Q: What keeps you awake at night?
A: My brain firing in all directions and a thing called Internet.

Q: Whom do you admire?
A: I draw inspiration from a number of people, admiring their boldness to challenge and rethink conventional concepts and provide new perspectives, like a Jessica Walsh in design or a Bjarke Ingels in architecture for instance, but right at this moment? Everybody who sets up a business from scratch and still gets everyday s*** done, haha. 

Q: Who is your biggest supporter?
A: Mentally: Family & friends and a network of likeminded business partners.
Financially: Maybe you? 

Q: Is this fun?
A: It better be fun. I am always up for a bit of comedy in my life. 

Q: Do you have any comments about what you’ve learned this week?
A: This last week has been a lot about crunching numbers including tax and accounting tips – which eventually crunched my brain.  I will definitely have to forward this to our future finance and tax advisor. Interested anyone?

Week One – Q&A

Q: What does your startup need now?

A: We have already future-minded suppliers on board, but of course we would like to get more inspiring businesses involved. We want to be a game-changer and make the world of packing more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Apart from that, we appreciate the support we get from the EY startup academy in giving a framework of how to bring our business successfully to life on a structural level. Tax, legal, financials – these topics are of course very interesting for us. Since our backgrounds are in design, branding & communications, it is good to get a better understanding of what we need to prepare for rolling out our business.

Q: What inspires your team to continue?

A: The idea to really make a difference in the world of packaging, to break with conventional structures and to be an inspiration or a trigger for the entire value chain to finally work and adapt a more resourceful way of packing and move towards a circular economy. This is fantastic motivation and worth the effort. 

Q: Do you all think that you have personality traits that will help you be successful?

A: We have a vision and see the bigger picture when it comes to solving problems. Creativity is certainly one of our strengths.

Q: What is your general outlook about suprtrue today?

A: We want to become a benchmark in the field and are open for collaborations & partnerships on various levels. Eventually the platform should grow into a curated marketplace with a huge information and innovation hub for producers, brand owners and end-users alike. There are no limits.

Q: How does an idea become a business and what do startups really need help as they grow?

A: The people behind the startup are just as important as the idea. Without a good team that is passionate, curious and open to explore, there is no chance to grow. You have to be bold to do the unimaginable. That’s the spirit we like to incorporate. We hope to find a strategic partner who will support our aspirations.

About suprture

“Through our long-time agency experience and our cross-functional knowledge in design & packaging engineering, we have seen that there is a huge demand for an easy access to sustainable packaging solutions, which can be customized and purchased in small quantities. A user-friendly online shop with classical and special designs is our response to the need of the market.”

Think Moo for package designs. Everyone from a creative director at Adidas to a small-batch jam maker would have access to individual packaging designs available to large and small quantities. Designers and non-designers will save time finding beautiful and sustainable packaging components for large or small orders.

“We believe we can all do better and incorporate a more environment-conscious way of living by choosing quality products and packaging solutions with an eco-friendly approach – therefore we carefully source suitable packaging and pack components and create new coherent and attractive packaging ranges for various industries such as fashion, food, cosmetics and lifestyle. Our pack designs can be embellished with a business logo or an individual layout which can be previewed with the help of a 3D mockup before placing the order.”