Florian Christ

Member Profile: fino

Meet fino. Founded in 2015 by Florian Christ, fino is a Kassel-based FinTech that aims to make your life easier as a banking customer. After various successful product launches, fino is now a leading German B2B-Tech startup with over 500 financial institutions and corporate partners spreading across Germany, EU, UK, AUS and US.

TQ: Tell us about your WHY; what is your company’s mis­sion and what does it stand for?

Fino: We are rethinking the world of finance. Our mission is to create innovative, user-centric products that reflect what people expect of today’s digital world. Our approach is one of partnership, trust-based relationships and fair-share, meaning we get paid only when our partners are successful.

TQ: How is your company breaking new ground and sha­ping the future of its industry?

F: Our USP is the access and aggregation of bank trans­actions AND invoices. Most companies have just access to one, but the real advantage and relevant insights appear when you combine both. We are also focused on building products with great user experience, which we do by using data to dramatically simplify usage. The user has a great experience and keeps in mind “Wow! That was easy and fast.”

TQ: What 2019 achievements are you most proud of?

F: Each atom achieved great results. In FinTech we ent­ered new markets with Finux, our CFO-as-a-Service for SMEs. Furthermore, we developed the next level of our core products of bank-account-switching and Yoli. In DocTech we scaled our APIs for invoice OCR and prepared new great time-saving workflows for GetMyInvoices. And we launched the new atom, KYCnow, which is already a great success in the first year.

“Our mission is to create innovative, user-centric products that reflect what people expect of today’s digital world.”

TQ: What value have you found being a member at TQ?

F: Wow – I can make this short: I’m a fan since day one. TQ is far more than a space to work. For me it is inspiration. Every time I’m here I meet great (new) people. With many of them we built strong relationships and sometimes new business models.

TQ: What are your goals for 2020?

F: Finish our transformation from startup to scaleup by extending our European and US footprint, finding new peo­ple to drive our assets to new industries and increase our market share in our core domains.