may, 2019

16may17:0019:30Digital transformation risks in IT Products and Cybersecurity17:00 - 19:30 Platz der Einheit 2

TechQuartier Meeting Rooms & Communtiy Area

Event Details


This event will consist of two parts and will be conducted by Lemlock and Sagiton. First part where we will focus on strategy for treating the risk in app development and second part devoted to cybersecurity risk Management.

PART 1: where we focus on digital products creation

Have you ever ask yourself a question:

“I have a brilliant idea that no one has ever created!”,

“I have checked the idea with my colleagues and I’m sure that it is great!”,

“I have a limited budget and I can not afford mistakes, which is why the product must be perfect from the very beginning”,

“I know exactly what I want to do, so all I need is to find developers”,

“I will tell software agency what I need and after a few weeks or months they will provide me with the solution”,

“Once I have solution ready, everyone would like to use it”.

According to Small Business trends, almost 90% of new digital product and startups fails and only 40 percent of new businesses are profitable.

So if you want to check how to avoid common mistakes, join our seminar session.

During the session, Sagiton experts will discuss mistakes that often happen not only before but also during the entire life cycle of a digital product.

The seminar will be based on real case examples.

PART 2: where we focus on cybersecurity

I bet you used to wonder:

-Are my IT systems a potential target for hackers?

-Are there any vulnerabilities in my business?

-Is my data properly secured?

-Is the system architecture of my IT solutions compatible with GDPR?

-What should I do to keep my company and its data safe?

During our event, we will talk about the above and much more. We are Cybersecurity professionals with strong background in:

-Software development,


-Law and administration.

Specialists from the above areas joined their forces at Lemlock.

As a proof of concept, we will take down websites, servers and simulate end clients data takeover. All of that under controlled conditions.

With Lemlock the force will be with you.


1. Welcoming guests.

2. PART 1: Mistakes in app development, and how to avoid them

– Before starting the Project

– During the project

– After completing the project

3. Summary

4. Q&A.

5. Short break

6. PART 2: Most common cyber attacks and how to avoid them

– Taking down a website

– End client under attack

– Servers under attack – data leakage

7. Summary and report

8. Q&A

9. Networking



(Thursday) 17:00 - 19:30



Platz der Einheit 2


Sagiton & Lemlock