CEO Insights with Nick Jue, CEO from ING DiBa

In our first ever edition of CEO Insights, TechQuartier sat down with Nick Jue, CEO of ING DiBa, to discuss subjects such as his view of future banking, startup collaborations, agile work environments, and leadership.

Before becoming CEO of ING DiBa, his professional career began as head of Marketing at Postbank. He moved to Belgium to integrate insurance companies within ING and was made head of Corporate Communication Strategy. For 11 years, he was CEO of ING Netherlands, but recently moved to Germany for his current title as CEO of ING DiBa.

As a result of his constant changing professional titles, Nick described his professional leadership style as being “driven by change”. He is motivated by agility and adapting to the varying environments he has experienced. He explains to people his view on the changing world and the importance of having a purpose.

At ING, they are in the process of transforming into Germany’s first “agile” bank through the appropriate structure, service, and sales. The development of a clear structure will make it likely for the implementation of agility in the coming months and years to come.

As a result of changing trends and developments in technology, the behaviours as well as the wants and needs of customers also change. ING looks to successful companies such as Spotify, Netflix, and Google to gather the best elements from each to help speed up their progress in providing customers with what they need.

FinTechs have a particularly interesting role in the transformation of the banking industry. They tend to disrupt the market, and are closer to customers than larger companies which makes fulfilling their needs more simple. Banks are able to use FinTechs to increase the speed in which they incorporate new technology into the company.

Overall, efficiency is a key element in the banking industry that must be practiced. For ING DiBa, Nick has observed that within the next 5 years, he hopes that ING DiBa will be the main go-to platform for people who need financial services—bringing the right services to the right customers through innovation and digitalization.