Bundesbank Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge is a 3-day boot camp tailored
for startups focusing on AI and Big Data.

The aim of the program is to generate novel solutions for real use cases around “for innovative risk monitoring“ from one of the largest central banks in the world – the Deutsche Bundesbank. For a central bank, risk assessment and monitoring are of crucial importance and a common task for a variety of tasks, such as monetary policy, financial stability, banking supervision, cash management and payment systems. The Deutsche Bundesbank does this by analyzing large amounts of data, using unique data sources and developing sophisticated models that detect anomalies in the market and anticipate market changes.

As a participant, you will attend a fast-paced, intense boot camp with a broad variety of challenges including the opportunity to pitch your business idea!

The program begins 25 November in Frankfurt at TQ. 

Applications have closed. 

What is the program about?

Through the Innovation Challenge, the Bundesbank has a clear goal: To strengthen its risk monitoring capacities using Big Data and AI.

This is where you come in. In collaboration with experts from various areas of the industry, the Big Data & AI Accelerator enables startups to develop and use innovative solutions addressing financial risk management. To improve on existing methods and standards, Deutsche Bundesbank, in cooperation with TechQuartier, has launched the “Bundesbank Innovation Challenge – Machine Learning for Risk Monitoring” to work with startups.

Especially the risk assessment of the central bank is of crucial and common importance for the variety of tasks in the monetary policy, financial stability, banking supervision, cash management and payment systems.

Does your startup target any of these focus areas?

  • Do you have innovative approaches to forecast risks and anomalies in the development of big data, predictive analytics, unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing, novelty detection, risk modeling or generative adversarial networks to identify patterns not discoverable with ‘traditional’ methods?
  • Are you using innovative data sets to forecast risks to and anomalies in the development of certain indicators such as productivity, growth …?
  • Do you know how to detect anomalies or outliers in the state or behaviour of banks using open data on a national and international scale (such as Google trends, social media activity, news, financial data, etc…)? Can you detect deviations from a potential normal state using large amounts of data?
  • Identification of patterns in existing data sets that are not discoverable with ‘traditional’ methods.

Why should you apply?

Validate and improve your business by working on real use cases of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Position yourself as a future change-maker.

Exchange ideas with peers & expand your network in events and 1-on-1 sessions with industry experts.

Up your game with storytelling & pitching and enhance your knowledge on marketing, compliance and legal aspects.

What to expect

  • Experience various challenges and develop solutions relating to unsupervised risk monitoring, novelty detection and zero-shot learning.
  • Learn with Pitching Workshops to get the best out of your business and excel at future presentations.
  • Gain hands-on entrepreneurship and innovation education and get first-hand knowledge on relevant compliance, data protection and legal aspects for start-ups.
  • Be introduced to the broad variety of tasks performed by the Deutsche Bundesbank and talk directly with the leading experts in banking supervision, financial stability & economic and risk analysis.
  • Be ready to present your pitch in front of the Deutsche Bundesbank, TQ and the other startups.