"BetterTogether” – the motto of a corporate challenge together with Frankfurt Digital Finance

Since this was the first time I attended a Hackathon, the first thing I did was google what I was heading for. This is how General Assembly described it on their blog: “Remember that scene in the movie The Social Network where the guys in the dorm do shots while they compete to become Facebook’s first intern? That was a hackathon.” As good as shots might sound, that was not it. And as much as I wish my coding skills were advanced, they are far from that (at least for now?!). So, I kept searching until I learned that hacking is also creative problem solving. That is something I could definitely work with and that´s what we did on Friday at TechQuartier. “BetterTogether” – the motto of a corporate challenge together with Frankfurt Digital Finance.

Four teams of four members, all gathered in TQ´s workshop room, each working on individual ideas with the aim to come up with different solutions to help startups and established players to cooperate and be able to jointly create value. The range of topics was intentionally broad.

Since it is TQ´s mission to provide the most accessible and impactful innovation experience, working on concepts as such, is our daily work. Nevertheless, taking a whole day brainstorming and thinking about problems, solutions and the customer journey, be it of corporates, startups or other members of our ecosystem, turned out to be very productive, and opened up more ways for additional ideas to further develop the innovation experience. We focused our work on building a digital product, which required a deep understanding of our target group, creating user personas and focusing on their characteristics, pain-points and expectations. Having thought about this first, enabled us to orient our ideation phase towards finding solutions which would then contribute to our goal of open innovation.

I would generally advice teams to take time for such Hackathons and think about their current situation and where they intend to be in the future.

I am excited to listen to the ideas of the other teams on Wednesday at the Conference.

To learn more about the conference, follow the link: https://frankfurt-digital-finance.de/

Rina Hajzeraj

Rina Hajzeraj

Rina is part of the TechQuartier Team and joined us after finishing her studies in Frankfurt, Germany. During her traineeship, she has had the opportunity to work closely with all of TQ´s circles. Currently, she is part of Marketing and Communications. She likes detailed and structured work but always enjoys a touch of creativity.