TechQuartier, Fraunhofer Venture collaborating on a Sports Track venture building program with Eintracht Frankfurt

TechQuartier and Fraunhofer Venture collaborating on a Sports Track venture building program alongside Eintracht Frankfurt

25 MAY 2020 – FRANKFURT: As part of Fraunhofer Venture’s flagship ‘’AHEAD’’ program, which focuses on Deep Tech venture building, several interdisciplinary teams will take part in intensive bootcamps, design sprints and collaborate over the next two years on developing ready-for-market solutions.

For this program, the AHEAD teams will make use of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, specifically oriented towards the digitization of the stadium of Eintracht Frankfurt with a strong focus on B2B solutions. The football club has been very active on the digital field for the past couple of years. Their stadium, freshly rebranded as “Deutsche Bank Park,” will see various IoT technologies be the core of the AHEAD program.


The Sports Track collaboration leverages the complementarity of the two innovation actors. On one side, Fraunhofer brings a network of 28,000 scientists, R&D funding for science entrepreneurs, tailored support programs and 20 years of experience building deep tech companies. TechQuartier (TQ) brings its own global network of startups, corporate partners, academics and research institutions, as well as access to a creative space, talent and coaching know-how.

The goal of the collaboration is that through their joint expertise, TQ and Fraunhofer Venture will offer Eintracht Frankfurt the chance to discover deep-tech solutions customized to their needs, will connect them to a network of thought leaders, and finally, will work on the implementation of the solutions.


The program is structured along three stages:

Bootcamp: This is the critical entry gate. During this 4-day bootcamp, teams will be assessed based on the readiness levels by experts from industry, entrepreneurs as well as coaches who will look at product development, market-fit and overall team dynamics.

On May 12th, the first strictly virtual AHEAD-Bootcamp was launched and involved not only the Sports Track teams, but also the ones tackling challenges in the #SDG Track as well as the #Corona Track. 38 teams gathered online to present their projects, receiving feedback from more than 120 scientists, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Phase 1: This phase will take place over the course of 6 months and provides the teams with standardized funding of 50,000€. The goal here is to show that the solutions developed are addressing a deep customer problem and that the IP is clearly defined, while also setting the stage for the implementation of the solution and more broadly, market entry. AHEAD and the partners support via networking events, workshops, coaching, as well as access to Fraunhofer laboratories and TechQuartier’s space and network.

Phase 2: Based on the team‘s go-to-market strategy, Fraunhofer Venture will work on getting a flexible amount of funding and ongoing support for a further maximum of 18 months. There is one single objective at this stage: bring technology to market.

We will bring you more information on the startups and their solutions in the coming weeks; stay tuned.

About AHEAD and Fraunhofer Venture

Fraunhofer Venture acts through AHEAD as the central platform between the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the national and international entrepreneurship ecosystems. AHEAD is the one-stop-shop for technology transfer & company building at Fraunhofer. AHEAD’s mission is to build entrepreneurial teams around deep tech. By creating an environment tailored to science-backed innovation that brings out the best in team, market and product, we are taking tech transfer to the next level.

About TechQuartier

Founded in December 2016, TechQuartier (TQ) is a Frankfurt-based startup hub and cross-industry innovation platform. Now established as the main access point to the local FinTech cluster, it is the reference point both for local startups wishing to grow their business and for corporates aiming to collaborate and leverage their disruptive potential. TQ offers a complete innovation experience made of flexible coworking spaces across 4 locations, acceleration programs, community events, matchmaking with corporates and investors, along with access to an international network of global hubs.

Member Profile: fino

Florian Christ

Member Profile: fino

Meet fino. Founded in 2015 by Florian Christ, fino is a Kassel-based FinTech that aims to make your life easier as a banking customer. After various successful product launches, fino is now a leading German B2B-Tech startup with over 500 financial institutions and corporate partners spreading across Germany, EU, UK, AUS and US.

TQ: Tell us about your WHY; what is your company’s mis­sion and what does it stand for?

Fino: We are rethinking the world of finance. Our mission is to create innovative, user-centric products that reflect what people expect of today’s digital world. Our approach is one of partnership, trust-based relationships and fair-share, meaning we get paid only when our partners are successful.

TQ: How is your company breaking new ground and sha­ping the future of its industry?

F: Our USP is the access and aggregation of bank trans­actions AND invoices. Most companies have just access to one, but the real advantage and relevant insights appear when you combine both. We are also focused on building products with great user experience, which we do by using data to dramatically simplify usage. The user has a great experience and keeps in mind “Wow! That was easy and fast.”

TQ: What 2019 achievements are you most proud of?

F: Each atom achieved great results. In FinTech we ent­ered new markets with Finux, our CFO-as-a-Service for SMEs. Furthermore, we developed the next level of our core products of bank-account-switching and Yoli. In DocTech we scaled our APIs for invoice OCR and prepared new great time-saving workflows for GetMyInvoices. And we launched the new atom, KYCnow, which is already a great success in the first year.

“Our mission is to create innovative, user-centric products that reflect what people expect of today’s digital world.”

TQ: What value have you found being a member at TQ?

F: Wow – I can make this short: I’m a fan since day one. TQ is far more than a space to work. For me it is inspiration. Every time I’m here I meet great (new) people. With many of them we built strong relationships and sometimes new business models.

TQ: What are your goals for 2020?

F: Finish our transformation from startup to scaleup by extending our European and US footprint, finding new peo­ple to drive our assets to new industries and increase our market share in our core domains.

Member Profile:

Matthias Karger and Lars Manuel Rinn

Member Profile:

Meet node.energyLong-time TQ member has continued its successful trajectory in 2019. After graduating from the EY Startup Academy two years ago and rai­sing funding shortly afterwards, their team has grown and they have now moved into the newly-founded GreenTech Hub. At the outset of the new decade and through its involvement in the ‘’Founders for Future’’ movement, is fast becoming Frankfurt’s champion of a more sustainable way of doing busi­ness.

TQ: Tell us about your WHY; what is your company’s mission and what does it stand for? We help companies switch to renewable energies. With our SaaS-solution opti.node, our customers can achieve both at the same time: reduce their energy bill and their carbon emissions.

TQ: How is your company breaking new ground and shaping the future of its industry?

n: The energy transition materializes in tens of thousands of smaller energy infrastructure projects. In ‘engineering-nation‘ Germany, the technical part is not a big issue. What is more of a problem, however, is the complex web of rules and laws that make it difficult to financially assess new projects and to efficiently manage existing ones.

Our SaaS-solution opti.node combines for the first time technical, legal and financial aspects in one intuitive planning and management tool. By using opti.node, our customers cut their time-effort by at least 10x and reduce costly mistakes compared to traditional manual methods.

TQ: What 2019 achievements are you most proud of?

n: In the beginning of the year, we launched our SaaS-offer. Since then we have won prominent customers like Deutsche Post/DHL, ABB Group and Deutsche Bahn who use opti.node to efficiently reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.

TQ: What value have you found being a member at TQ?

n: We love TQ for bringing together all relevant players of the startup ecosystem. This facilitates highly efficient networking with other startups, provides us with visibility towards investors, and helps us get in touch with corporates as potential partners and clients.

“For 2020 we want to continue growing and most importantly, help our customers be suc­cessful in reducing manual workload, energy costs and crucially, carbon emissions.”

Member Profile: Proptiq

Ruzica Pekic and Lukasz Musialski

Member Profile: Proptiq

Meet Proptiq. This was a big year for Proptiq. Graduates from the blackprint booster – Proptech accelerator, they partnered with another featured member of Tech­Quartier, Fincite, in order to build the technological backbone of their first solution, WG Manager. This product was launched by the end of 2019. The team has the wind in its sails and is looking to continue making waves in 2020.

TQ: Where is your team from?

Proptiq: I (Ruzica) was born in Bosnia and raised in Croatia. I came to Germany five years ago to study Finance and got my Master’s degree from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. This is where I met Luke, originally from Poland, who came to Germany six years ago for his studies as well.

TQ: Tell us about your company’s mission and what does it stand for?

P: We develop digital solutions for coliving. The technology is implemented in dedicated digital coliving management products ranging from residential properties (WGs) to large, purpose-built coliving facilities as a white-label solution. We established a brand that is the benchmark in the coliving industry and stands for ease-of-use and reliable products.

TQ: How is your company breaking new ground and shaping the future of its industry?

P: We focus on solving problems that cause headaches for landlords and coliving providers, and ultimately for the tenants as well. We’ve developed an innovative tech stack that streamlines the processes in the onboarding phase of the new tenants, enables digital access to services, and creates communities around coliving rather than just a place to live. Because of this, coliving gets even more attractive for landlords and we can contribute to the demand for living space in cities.

TQ: What value have you found being a member at TQ?

P: When we moved to TQ, we expected to have our company registered at a regular coworking place. But TQ is so much more than that! It is not only coworking, but rather co-every-thing! Behind TQ there is a large community of professionals who always have you on their mind and try to help wherever they can – they connect you to their valuable network of investors, corporates, and there are diverse programs created for startups, which is a great added value.

“We focus on solving problems that cause headaches for landlords and coliving provi­ders, and ultimately for the tenants as well.”

TechQuartier and 9 other hubs create the EU Fintech Discovery Program

As we strive to build bridges between Frankfurt and other FinTech ecosystems globally, TechQuartier is proud to be joining a new program initiated by our partners at Fintech District (Milano, Italy). Alongside 9 other major European hubs, the EU Fintech Discovery Program is now live and taking applications!

The list of partners, which represents over 1,500 FinTechs in total, includes :

''This is true, tangible cross-border collaboration. European hubs combining their respective strengths and networks to facilitate the modernisation of an industry'' said Hugo Paquin, Head of Marketing at TechQuartier. ''The fact that revenue-sharing was made a key feature of the Program will help make this initiative sustainable, and we're very excited to take part.''

What is the EU Fintech Discover Program?

The goal is to allow corporate players, especially financial institutions, to visit ecosystems and meet startups and FinTech hubs from across Europe. In a nutshell, large companies can use this vehicle to:

  • to learn and be exposed to the FinTech excellence of Europe;
  • to learn about other hubs, ecosystems and FinTech initiatives and meet them physically;
  • to educate their teams, stakeholders, customers and decision-makers on the potential of FinTech for their organisations;
  • to boost the international connection of startups and scale-ups that develop FinTech solutions

Thanks to the European Fintech Discovery Program, you can choose your sector of interest and meet the most exciting FinTech companies in Europe in our headquarter and in the other participating hubs among those belonging to the program.

How does it work?

Together with TechQuartier, a 'delegation' from your organisation (perhaps a group of experts, or a specific business unit or innovation team) visits TQ and learns about the local FinTech ecosystem and meets with local startups and scaleups (approximately 5 to 8).

As the name of this Program indicates it, you will then visit 3 additional hubs spread across Europe where, again, 5 to 8 startups will welcome you, pitch their business to you, and take part in individual meetings. By the end of the program, you will have met 20+ startups and scale-ups, all active in the fields of AI, cybersecurity, RegTech, InsurTech and, of course, FinTech.

You will also get a full recap report with key takeaways. A typical day would look like the following :

10.30-10.50 Welcome Coffee and Speech
10.50-11.10 Presentation of the Local Fintech Ecosystem
11.10-12.30 Startup Pitches
12.30-13.30 Lunch Break
13.30-16.00 Private Meetings
16.00-16.30 Closing Coffee

Interested? Simply get in touch with Hugo Paquin, Head of Marketing & Communications, for further info. (

TechTalents : New program brings students at forefront of digitalisation

TechTalents : New program brings students at the forefront of digitalisation

TechTalents : The latest Eintracht Frankfurt/TechQuartier collaboration is aimed at students from every discipline who wish to expand their network, meet and interact with corporates and experience innovation first hand through various team challenges.


Just a few years ago, there were not as many possibilities for students of the local Rhein-Main universities to get involved in the local startup scene. Lately though, the dynamic has been changing – and fast.

The city is building a reputation internationally not only as a banking hub, but also as a top FinTech destination. Numerous coworking spaces have opened their doors and now welcome dozens of startup events every month. Just last year, TechQuartier itself hosted more than 230 events!

This is opening up new opportunities for the more than 200,000 students in the Rhein-Main region to connect with this exciting field, to discover new career paths, new ways to use technology and entrepreneurship to fulfil

Eintracht Frankfurt – Digital pioneers of the Bundesliga

One of TechQuartier’s first partnership outside of the financial sphere was with local football club Eintracht Frankfurt.

Eintracht Frankfurt is one of the most proactive clubs in the German Bundesliga when it comes to digitization. It has recently declared its interest for building its own ”digital ecosystem”, the goal here is to tap into the latest technologies and innovations to make itself that much more competitive, on and off the field. By integrating cutting-edge solutions and collaborating with visionary startups and their founders, Eintracht wants to explore new technological possibilities. This can touch, for example, connected stadium and fan experience at the Commerzbank-Arena, training and nutrition of the athletes, new sensorial and immersive media tactics, and even e-Sports.

For almost a year, we have been running a monthly meetup for SportsTech enthusiasts called ‘’Laptop & Leibchen’’ (the next edition which by the way, will be on August 20that Eintracht’s Fanshop! #shamelessplug)

Laptop & Leibchen at the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum (October 2018)

Eintracht and TechQuartier also ran a program called MMI SportsTech, just over a year ago. MMI – or Money Meets Idea – brought together 15 international startups during one full-week in Frankfurt. During that week, they took part in various workshops and seminars, got to meet with Eintracht executives, visited the Arena, pitches their solutions to investors and corporates, and importantly, got precious feedback on their company, product and business models.

As the next step in our efforts to bridge the world of sports, technology, business and entrepreneurship, Eintracht Frankfurt and TechQuartier are now launching the TechTalents program.

TechTalents, the latest collaboration between Eintracht Frankfurt and TechQuartier

TechTalents is an eight-weeks program which will be held in the Fall. TQ and Eintracht are the main actors, but several local universities and companies will be added to the mix.

Throughout the program, students from various study fields will get to work on specific business challenges provided by corporate partners. (This being co-created by a football club, there is of course a competitive angle to it!) At the conclusion of the program, one team will walk away with €5,000.

The basic principle of TechTalents will be to form multi-disciplinary teams that will experiment with different techniques and concepts in order to learn skills, develop their network, develop new ideas and fresh perspectives.

The program is free and open to all students currently enrolled at a university, who have an average higher to 2.0. The main criteria that will be looked at, along with grades, is the high degree of motivation, curiosity, and desire to fully dedicate oneself to the program.


WE ARE CURRENTLY RECRUITING FOR OUR 2020 EDITION OF TECHTALENTS. You can read more about the program, check out the frequently asked questions, and apply, directly on our TechTalents program page.

To directly apply and join the program, fill this short form.

For any additional questions, simply write us at