AI: One of the world’s greatest technological advancements

Machine learning and AI are one of humankind’s exponentially largest leaps forward. These technologies are already impacting nearly every major industry. Our lives are increasingly intertwined with this technology.

Some people believe that this new technology may even be a threat to our jobs and our very autonomy. But we believe AI is not an enemy – something to fear. Instead, this technology is a friend that can make the world a better place.

We want to build this place together with you.

The deadline to apply was 30 September. Applications are now closed.

The Program:

This free nine-week bootcamp is for young professionals and higher-level students interested in learning about AI and machine learning.
Participants will work together within small teams on applicable solutions using a data set supplied by a real startup. Our classroom is not limited by space since the program is virtually online. Curious people from all around the globe are welcome to apply. 

Participants in the program can win prize money for developing the best solutions. All who complete the program will receive an official certificate of achievement. Only time and effort are required.

It begins on 9 November in Frankfurt, Germany and virtually globally.

Shift the world with us.


Applications are now closed, but email us if you're interested in the next edition.


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Join a unique AI learning community

The vast majority of large companies or startups say they are deep into exploring machine learning and artificial intelligence – but few have a methodology to ensure successful initiatives. Gain insights about what AI can and can’t do, and how to implement AI products and business models that generate results.

We will provide you with the world’s most significant AI innovation and learning ecosystem designed to bring together students, individuals, enthusiasts, startups, customers, and even competitors, to drive innovation forward and make a global impact.

Work with AI practitioners who are building breakthrough applications to solve real-world challenges.

Needed: Program Mentors

We are looking for English-speaking Mentors in entrepreneurship and/or data science to volunteer to work with talents participating in program.


Are you a student interested in Entrepreneurship?

Learn more about our TechTalents program with Eintracht Frankfurt. 
Applications are being accepted until 6 September.

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