FastTrack on how to make it in Frankfurt

Is Frankfurt the right place to get your startup to the top? This is a unique opportunity to discover Germany's FinTech hub and Frankfurt's way of doing business – and it will happen in a matter of one week, not months!

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What‘s in it for you?


Doers making things happen – We help ideas spread faster, accelerate your market entry and increase scaling effects.


A turnkey package to grow globally – connect your cutting-edge solutions to multinational banks, investors and industry leaders.


Meet the challenges of our global world by using the experience gained through Landing Pad to expand successfully into new markets.

One week full of opportunities & interaction

On-the-ground insights and deep dive into Frankfurt’s ecosystem

Hands-on strategy for your internationalization ambitions

Direct channels to relevant markets, investors, and industry experts

Time saved: the right action at the right time means success faster

Frankfurt in a nutshell

The #1 destination for global FinTechs

  • 200 International Banks
  • 8,000 Financial Services Companies
  • 100 FinTechs
  • 1,000,000 $ CVC Investment
  • 90% of Banks Works Together with FinTechs
  • 200,000 Students & High Potentials
  • 21 Top-Notch Universities & Business Schools
  • 58 Research Institutions
  • Headquarter of European Central Bank
  • Headquarter of German Stock Exchange
  • Headquarter of German Central Bank
  • Headquarter of Bafin

Direct access to TQ's one-of-a-kind platform

Are you the right fit?

The #1 destination for global FinTechs

  • Vision: You have clear objectives and strive to achieve them.
  • Scalability: You are able to deliver your product or service to 100 or one million customers.
  • Traction: You already have achieved several of the following key milestones: proof-of-concept, existing sales and customers, funding, investors, and partners.
  • Differentiation: Your product or service transform its market and you have a clear value propostiion and vision for growth.

How it works


Selected fast-growing incorporated startups under 8 years old, eager to understand the German market and make first business connections.


Submit your pitch deck and tell us why you want to join Landing Pad.



And Beyond?

Soft landing services for a smooth set up in Frankfurt and a one yr TQ Community Membership for free.

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