TQ’s one week AgTech Acceleration Programin Cooperation with Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank

An intensive five-day bootcamp tailored to startups aiming to revolutionise the agricultural sector through fresh new ideas and innovative applications of technology.

Growth Alliance AgTech – What’s the deal?

Growth Alliance AgTech is TQ’s first acceleration bootcamp specifically tailored to startups which can benefit the agricultural sector. The program, designed in cooperation with Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank, will connect transformative & trendsetting startups as well as progressive organizations to accelerate multiple industry innovations and set new impulses within the whole agricultural value chain.

Kick-off your business!


The goal is to connect startups and corporates in order to promote entrepreneurship within the agriculture industry, foster innovation across verticals and empower promising founders with the knowledge and connections necessary to achieve their ambitions.


During the week, a cohort of up to 12 startups addressing issues of modern agriculture will engage with different industries, most prominently agriculture, and with their help will review their business models, strategies and team in order to improve upon them.

Results matter!

With a micro-accelerator approach (one week duration), the Growth Alliance AgTech program provides opportunities to collaborate with corporates, network with potential partners and clients, and receive coaching about business modelling, setting KPIs, storytelling, pitching, along with several other essentials needed to grow a business and commercialize an innovation solution.

One Week – One Stop

Market Research, Product/Market Fit, Metrics & KPIs

Startup Valuation & Negotiation Skills

Legal Issues & Due Diligence

Management, Leadership, HR & Team

Pitching, Storytelling

1on1 with industry insiders, investment experts

Networking with a wide range of industry stakeholders

Are you the right fit?

  • You are based in Germany
  • You are ready to scale your business idea
  • You are working on a solution for the reinvention of the agricultural landscape
  • You are geared for growth
  • You have a desire for supporting and creating innovative improvements for agriculture

Your business idea supports the following segments?

  • Agricultural engineering & smart (livestock) farming
  • Climate & environmental protection
  • Improving animal welfare
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Efficiency & resource management
  • Cutting-edge technologies with an application in agriculture
  • Other solutions that may benefit agriculture
    • Automotive / Mobility
    • BioTech
    • GreenTech
    • Medicine
    • AI, Big Data / Smart Data, Machine Learning
    • Robotics

Important : You do not have to be a traditional player of the AgTech sector to be selected. Technologies designed for other sectors which can also benefit the agricultural sector will also be considered.

How it works

Application Closing


Selection Day


Growth Alliance AgTech Program


Demo Day



Applications are closed, so you are unable to apply at the moment. Stay tuned for the next edition!

After the application deadline, we’ll invite you for a Skype-interview. After the interview, we’ll provide you feedback within the following 2-3 days.

You commit to following the full program meaning you need to reserve all program dates in your calendar. Each day, the CEO/founder of your startup should bring along 2-3 teammates onsite at TQ.

Time commitment – Over the program, you should expect to put in about 6 days in Frankfurt

  • 5 day workshop

All participants and core program staff will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the start of the Growth Alliance AgTech.

Feel free to email program manager Melanie Borst at borst@techquartier.com for any remaining questions.

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