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The 2019 Pioneer Edition of TechTalents with Eintracht Frankfurt with a big finale on 13. December. The big winner? Team Siemens! They won 5.000€ from Cisco and priceless hands-on experience. The TechTalents program is a fellowship program founded by TechQuartier and Eintracht Frankfurt offering bright and motivated students a unique opportunity to learn and live innovation beyond their everyday university experience.
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 “I learned more here in six weeks than in university in one year. It’s really practical knowledge you can apply in your business life.”
Tobia Tassinari 

TechTalents – About the Program

With its six weeks trainee curriculum, TechTalents seeks to empower the next generation of business leaders that have an eye on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

What is it?

TechTalents will provide you with a hands-on education in entrepreneurship and innovation.

What’s the purpose?

The curriculum is designed to encourage the innovative and entrepreneurial mentalities of Tech, Startup and Innovation enthusiasts and set them on a path to professional success.

What will you do?

You will work on specific business challenges provided by participating corporate partners to experiment with learned techniques and gain hands-on experience.

Work. Challenge. Opportunity. And the best part: it’s free. All we ask for is 100% commitment.

Winning Team Receives 5.000€

Learn Relevant Technical Skills

Grow Student and Alumni Network

Enhance Creativity and Communication Skills

Are you the right fit?

  • Student enrolled in university, in or beyond the second semester
  • Highly motivated, curious, and willing to dedicate yourself to the program
  • Ambitious to create new ways to solve real business challenge

TechTalents is designed for top-performing students, regardless of experience; we want your fresh perspective, innovative thinking and understanding of technology.


What will the program look like?

Disruptive Thinking Corporate Challenges

Digital Solution Development

Business and Market Planning

Program Finished: Graduation Day

Why pick TechTalents?

The partnership between Eintracht Frankfurt, a pioneer of digitalization, and TechQuartier, the leading innovation platform in Rhein-Main, is a perfect breeding ground to create valuable synergies for the old, the new and the next economy.

With TechTalents we strive to harness the potential of the 230K students in metropolitan Frankfurt and become a leading community for digital minds and innovation. Let us help you unleash your inner entrepreneur!


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