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We are going virtual - get the chance to participate in the first-ever special virtual TechTalents!

We believe in the magic of real-world encounters, but we’re also strong believers in the power of #stayhome. Covid-19 demands us to think responsibly and creatively, so we are changing the format to be completely online.

We are now creating a fully digital curriculum that offers you a great learning experience, broaden your horizons and gives you the chance to solve a challenge that matters in the field of sustainability. We will be sharing all of the details in the weeks ahead. Program dates and subject outlines are coming.

This pivot will allow us to include more students from all over the world. Where you log in from is not important, but using your minds together is. Think and act globally.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email at

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The pioneers of tomorrow pushing the world forward today.

Currently in its second iteration, the TechTalents program is a student education program founded by TechQuartier and Eintracht Frankfurt offering bright and motivated students a unique opportunity to learn and live innovation beyond their everyday university experience.

By working on unique and application-based business challenges that are designed by our participating corporate partners, students will not only get valuable insights on how to develop a digital solution from start to finish, but will also receive direct professional coaching and feedback, as well as access to a huge community of interesting startups and corporates to expand their professional network.

This years sponsor for the prize money award.

TechTalents – What’s the deal?

With its two-month trainee curriculum, TechTalents seeks to empower the next generation of business leaders that have an eye on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

What is it?

TechTalents will provide you with a hands-on education in entrepreneurship and innovation.

What’s the purpose?

The curriculum is designed to encourage the innovative and entrepreneurial mentalities of Tech, Startup and Innovation enthusiasts and set them on a path to professional success.

What will you do?

You will work on a specific challenge in the field of sustainability. We will be sharing all of the details in the weeks ahead. Program dates and subject outlines are coming.

In 2019,  we ran the Pioneer Edition of TechTalents, featuring 30 talented students from various areas of expertise. Check out our photos below, and our program wrapup here.

In the first edition of the TechTalents program, the 30 selected students were split into small groups that competed to solve digital business challenges set by our corporate partners and pitched their solutions in a final pitch battle. Using the knowledge acquired at our informative workshops, Team Siemens won the challenge with their innovative app idea to help stadiums manage and avoid long queues for refreshments, which when implemented would decrease wait time, increased refreshment consumption and provide valuable behavioural data.

 “I learned more here in two months than in university in one year. It’s really practical knowledge you can apply in your business life.”
Tobia Tassinari, Participant 

Work. Challenge. Opportunity. And the best part: it’s free. All we ask for is 100% commitment.

LEARN - Gain know-how in new thinking, product development and coding

APPLY - Get your hands dirty solving real-life business problems

NETWORK - Connect with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and like-minded peers

WIN - Celebrate your achievements - prize money for best solution

TechTalents is designed for top-performing students, regardless of experience; we want your fresh perspective, innovative thinking and understanding of technology.

Are you the right fit?

  • You are a top-performing student currently enrolled in school?
  • You have a passion for innovation and technology?
  • You want to apply your fresh perspective on real business challenges?
  • You are self-motivated and fully dedicated to the program?

What is the program schedule?

We will be sharing all of the details in the weeks ahead. Program dates and subject outlines are coming.

Opening Event: Program Kickoff

23 April 2020

Ideation & Business Modeling

Product Development & Coding

Digital Solution Development

Pitching & Presentation

Program Close: Graduation Day

19 June 2020


The program consists of various online learning units, digital workshops and webinars and will close with a ceremonial event on June 19. If we are allowed to physically gather together as a group by June, we reserve the right to hold the live big finale in a physical event space. We promise to still connect digitally with everyone who cannot attend in person.

Applications are still open until futher notice. We will forego the selection process due to our new digital scenario and give everyone the chance to participate, as long as we receive a completed application. Use our application process to show how passionate you are about the program.

Team building is no longer an obligation, but it is still a voluntary option. We will provide a forum or similar where you can exchange ideas and offer help to each other. If you end up as a team in this context, it is possible that you work together on the challenge.

The kick-off of the program on April 23rd as well as the Graduation Day on June 19th will stay fixed. The rest of the timeline will be handled more easily due to the digital frame of the program. Also access to the online content, workshops etc. is flexible in terms of time. However, we will still organize live streams as well as feedback sessions on specific dates. These will roughly be based on the previous agenda. Furthermore, we will define various milestones to which you have to submit your current status of your solution.

No – but we do ask for 100% committment to the program!

TechQuartier and Eintracht Frankfurt do not claim any rights to the results of the work developed under the program (e.g. software IP). However if we are going to use your solution, we shall ensure that those of you who have been involved are appropriately remunerated for their performance.

Interested? Applications are still open!

Answer a few simple questions, submit your CV and, optionally, a video, and secure your spot in this first-ever special virtual program!

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