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TechTalents – Learn to be an Entrepreneur

With its two-month trainee curriculum, TechTalents seeks to empower the next generation of business leaders that have an eye on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

The TechTalents program is an education program founded by TechQuartier and Eintracht Frankfurt and offers bright, motivated students a unique environment to learn real-world skills beyond the everyday university experience. By working on real-life business challenges, which are designed by our participating corporate partners, students will gain valuable insights on how to develop a digital solution from start to finish and get direct professional coaching and feedback. Participants will also be able to network with a community of startups and corporates.

Our third edition starts on 8 October virtually online

We broke new ground in past editions by establishing our own digital ecosystem. We’ve created more than 50 online tutorials and have built a large knowledge database for the participating students to access. This will still allow us to deliver a lot of individualized content with customized feedback possibilities such as 1-on-1 discussions and enable an international field of participants.

The autumn edition will also be more competitive.

Through each step of the program, we will gradually advance individual teams to the next level in the competition. Some teams will not advance, but no matter if you move forward in the competition, you will still be part of the program and will have access to the content until the end.

Work. Challenge. Opportunity. And the best part: it’s free. All we ask for is 100% commitment.

LEARN - Gain know-how in new thinking, product development and coding

APPLY - Get your hands dirty solving real-life business problems

NETWORK - Connect with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and like-minded peers

WIN - Celebrate your achievements - prize money for best solution

TechTalents is designed for top-performing students, regardless of experience; we want your fresh perspective, innovative thinking and understanding of technology.

Are you the right fit?

  • Are you a top-performing student currently enrolled in school?
  • Do you have a passion for innovation and technology?
  • Do you want to apply your fresh perspective on real business challenges?
  • Are you self-motivated and fully dedicated to the program?
  • Are you ready to take on a workload of +/-15h per week?

What is the program schedule?

Below you will find an overview of the program content and a first draft of the schedule. Kick-off is on 8 October and Graduation Day on 9 December.

Opening Event: Program Kickoff

8 October 2020

Ideation & Business Modeling

Product Development & Coding

Digital Solution Development

Pitching & Presentation

Program Close: Graduation Day

9 December 2020


The program consists of various online learning units, digital workshops, online feedback sessions. The kick-off event is on 8 October and the Graduation Day is on 9 December. Both will be streamed online.

You can expect to work about 15 hours per week.

Applications are now open and will close on 6 September. The selection process will then take about 10 days, so we aim to send out confirmation mails until 16 September. Use our application to show us how passionate you are about the program and convince us with your motivation.

Yes, you will be working in teams with an average size of 4-5 participants. The team building process is an important part on your journey of becoming an entrepreneur, this is why we decided to add a tutorial about this topic to our curriculum as well. However, the team building process will still be be carried out from our side. Via our platform, you will then have the opportunity to get in touch with your assigned team members as well as with all other participants and exchange and network with them. In a next step you need to decide as a team on your top three preferred business challenges and submit your decision before the Kick-Off Day.

The kick-off of the program on 8 October as well as the Graduation Day on 9 December are fixed. The rest of the timeline will be handled more easily due to the digital frame of the program. Also access to the online content, workshops etc. is flexible in terms of time. However, we will still organize live streams as well as feedback sessions on specific dates. These will roughly be based on the previous agenda. Furthermore, we will define various milestones to which you have to submit your current status of your solution.

It’s a bonus, but not required. We will provide courses about “No-code tools“ so you’ll be able to participate and develop a solution even without doing any coding at all. But if you have a developer in the team, it is of course possible to do so!

No – but we do ask for 100% commitment to the program!

TechQuartier and Eintracht Frankfurt do not claim any rights to the results of the work developed under the program (e.g. software IP). However if we are going to use your solution, we will ensure that those of you who have been involved are appropriately remunerated for their performance.

This edition's partners:

Deutsche Börse Group

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