Workshop Series

Hosted at TechQuartier’s headquarters in downtown Frankfurt, TechInfusion workshops are intense single or multiday courses designed to make you smarter about digital business model innovation. Decision makers will learn about new digital business models and go-to-market strategies such as subscriptions, the economy of things and platform business models.

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Who should attend:

Our workshop is organized exclusively for up to 20 participants from your company and addresses C-level and decision makers from the Digital Office and innovation teams.

What you get:

Together with our experts, we will share knowledge and show you how to break through established patterns of thinking. We will provide case studies and first-hand experiences from working with companies like Bosch, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Rehau or Siemens to building digital business models. The day includes an interactive workshop led by experts who can help you identify potential issues for your industry and company and find solutions.

Sample agenda

  • Welcome & tour of TQ’s innovation hub.
  • Setting the digital scene – Innovation in the digital age, digital business model innovation, building & scaling digital businesses
  • Lunch
  • Case Studies for digital B2B business models
  • Workshop: Your digital journey, your status & initiatives, your digital opportunity and threat, scenario to Base-Grow-Boost
  • Wrap-up and networking

Content outline

The 1-day workshop starts with a brief welcome by TechQuartier, followed by a quick tour of TQ’s innovation hub activities. You will be able to learn about TQ’s innovation journey, structure and services. For setting the digital scene there will be keynote presentations on the current tech and startup trends. Our own best practices to build & scale digital business in your industries. We have invited iq! a digital company builder and frontrunners to share their learnings from concrete B2B business cases with you.

We will discuss Case Studies on how to organize and execute on:

  • Digital go-to-market and eCommerce
  • Subscription business models
  • Joining ecosystems and finding partners

After a short lunch break, we will enter a workshop with you on your own digital journey where you reflect your status & initiatives. There is room to assess with our experts your digital opportunity and potential threats. We will discuss your priorities to Base-Grow-Boost your digital business. The day ends with a wrap-up and a get together for networking.

Outcome: Inspiration on state-of-the-art technology developments and business model innovation from leading industries & your digital status.

Our Innovation Partner iq!: iq! is a partner for digital transformation, consulting and implementation of digital business models. Our mission is to transform digital innovation into business. We have set-up and operated digital business for more than 20 years across many industries and countries alongside and on behalf of our clients.

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