Meet the Unexpected

With the mission to inspire, guide and grow innovation Project Breakthrough provides an invaluable experience to the next generation of business leaders. Throughout three amazing weeks, in Germany and Israel, aspiring innovators will undergo an accelerated process of solution creation for defined corporate challenges, starting from team formation, ideation and validation, to creating an early stage proof of concept with the potential of real-business outcome. Cross-cultural teams will engage in a fast-paced creation curriculum in order to develop effective and sophisticated solution tailored to organization’s needs.

How it works

Bootcamp & Travelling to Germany
Phase 1 – Frankfurt

Innovation & Entrepreneurship essentials
Meet the organizations & Team Formation
Ideation, Idea Validation, Market Research & Customer Discovery
Explore the German Ecosystem

During the first module, participants will be exposed to a series of in-depth workshops and inspiring key-notes to understand the elements required to successfully build a high potential solution. The organizations will introduce their challenge, cross-cultural teams will be formed, start researching the market, testing and validating hyper theses about the challenge to solve and explore their target audience.

Bootcamp & Traveling Israel
Phase 2 – Israel

Explore the Israeli Ecosystem
Wireframing, Prototyping & User testing
Feedback, re-test, iterate & repeat
Storytelling & Demo Day

After one week of hard work and a couple of inspiring days in two vibrant startup ecosystems the teams will be provided with extensive practical trainings, focused on coding, strategy product design and storytelling. Developing a digital solution is the goal and so the participants will collaboratively code and continuously have a cycle of testing, improving and repeating. After creating the prototype, it’s time to put them out into the world – Demo Day!

Are you the right fit?

Project Breakthrough is designed for top-performing graduate students, PhDs and research fellows, as well as young professionals (less than 5 years after graduation) or passionate individuals from across Israel and Germany. The common ground is your fresh perspective, innovative thinking and understanding of technology and its application to a business. All geeks are technology enthusiasts, but not all technology enthusiasts are geeks – You’ll work in a cross-cultural team of young visionaries with varying backgrounds including computer science, engineering, design and business.

  • You are a future-thinking young professional, pushing the boundaries of corporate innovation
  • You have a never ending curiosity and an entrepreneurial drive to turn an innovative idea into reality
  • You are eager to learn from a different culture, understand the attitude of global corporates and take on a global mindset
  • You are ambitious to discover and create new ways to do things better and want to solve real-business challenges with outstanding digital products

Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, Students, Coders, Ideation Stars, UX Superheroes, Data Fanatics and so on - you are invited to apply!

Your benefits

  • Grant covering travel and accomodation expenses
  • Gain invaluable practical work experience in digital product development
  • Work on an international team and learn from different cultures & disciplines
  • Connect with forward-thinking organizations and position yourself as a future change-maker
  • Get an exclusive exposure to Israeli and German tech-ecosystems
  • No boring lectures, but a hands-on approach which leads from idea to prototype

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