InvestorXconnect - 3 September at Techquartier

investorXconnect is new collaboration format to address with social and environmental demands by connecting relevant stakeholders to push change with the help of technology. We want to enable investment opportunities and create a platform for discussion and ideas. The goal is the exchange between a diverse group of leaders to enforce sustainable values in the industry of focus. We are looking for tech investors with a passion for sustainability, innovative startups who want to change the world, corporates and leaders with interests or expertise in sustainability, innovation management and digitization

We will focus on seed and early stage startups because sustainable financial technology is still an underserved and young market. investorXconnect wants to provide a platform to close the funding gap within the financial sector for startups that are ecological and social impact oriented. We will address mainly German players, but also consider European startups outside Germany in very interesting cases. Sustainable tech startups which have applications for the financial sector will be considered, too. We will utilize our network, community, reports, databases, and multipliers like the Institute for Social Banking and impact hubs to curate a group of promising and young technology startups that want to advance the financial industry.

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Scope of Agenda

Part 1

Keynote about Insights on the sustainable FinTech Landscape Elevator Pitches by participating Startups – in-person

Part 2

Investor Speed Dating 8 Startups x 8 Investors x 8 min – in-person

Part 3

TechXperts Panel with corporate Partners (and selected Experts and Scaleup Founders) – in-person &  virtual

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